Sunday, 19 May 2013

My very first post.

I thought as this is my very first post you might like to know a little bit about me.

I'm 24 living with my partner Dan and our two very crazy pets Dave and Rocky. Dave is our 3 year old Cavachon (Bichon frise and King Charles spaniel mix) he's a.....well.....special dog lets say. He likes walks at the beach, his favourite toy 'Pikachu', sleeping on peoples heads and Marks & Spencers cheese twists! Then there is Rocky, he's a quiet cat that loves nothing more than cuddles on the sofa and sleeping in bags. We got Rocky from Dan's mum as their cat had kittens and he was the last one that didn't have a home to go to so we took him. Dave and Rocky became best of friends instantly and are now inseparable. 

I suppose I better tell you about how Dan and I met, I would love to say it was a romantic meeting and we caught each others eyes across a bar and instantly fell in love, but it wasn't! Dan and a friend of mine worked together at M&S, one evening we were out in town and bumped into Dan and his friend Adam in our local Dominos car park.....see told you it wasn't romatic. At the time I thought Dan and Adam were a couple!!! When I found out this wasn't the case I told my friend that I thought he was cute and wanted to get to know him, so she passed on my number. We just clicked, as cliche as it sounds I knew Dan was the one. After 3 months we decided to move in together and set up home in a gorgeous little cottage in a beautiful village in Hampshire. 

After about a year I noticed I was starting to find life a little hard. Getting up in the mornings were difficult and leaving the house paniced me. I struggled through for a while until one day enough was enough and I booked an appointment at the doctors, I was quickly diagnosed with Clinical Depression. When my doctor told me I had no idea what that was I just presumed I was going a little mad! But after a quick search on the internet and flick through the leaflets from the doctors I realised that I wasn't going mad and I could get through it with the love and support of my family, Dan and my crazy pets. Now I'm not saying that from then on everything was rainbows and sunshine, I still have my down days where the 'black cloud' rears its ugly head but I'm more aware of how to deal with it now. Walks around the village, getting out in the sunshine and cuddles with Dave can help.

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I am currently on Weight Watchers and loving it! This is now my second time dieting with them as I first joined back in 2010. I loved being a member, the meetings were always great and I found it really easy to follow which showed in the results, I managed to get right down to my goal weight and felt fab! However as soon as I stopped and 'went at it alone' I put it all back on and more but this time I'm determined to lose it for the last time.

You'll see on my tabs a page called 'Auntie Kathy xx' and on that page you will see I'm taking part in this years 'Race for Life' in memory of my Auntie. I'm currently trying to shift the pounds to make pounds!! I'll be sharing my journey aswell as recipes and my day to day life on here for you all to see. This will also hopefully give me a push to shed the weight I am desperately trying to lose.

I think thats all for the this space!

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