Monday, 27 May 2013

Weight Watchers Cooked Breakfast!

Serves 1
11 pro points (plus 3 points for the juice!)

2x Marks & Spencer Reduced Fat Sausages
1x Tomato
3x Mushrooms
1x Egg
1x Rasher of Marks & Specner Low Fat Bacon
1x Tablespoon of ketchup
3x Tablespoons of Baked beans
1x Small glass of Orange/apple juice

1. Start off by cooking the sausages and bacon. I love the fact Marks & Spencer do low fat meat, their bacon and sausages are really good! The sausages are always on offer and can be kept in the freezer if you don't use them all. You will need to keep an eye on the sausages as they can easily burn or as my mum loves to say 'caramelize.'

2. Start to slice the mushrooms and tomato in half. These are both 0 points so have as many as you like!!! If you find the mushrooms are sticking to the pan add some spray oil.

3. Now for the baked beans. You can cook these two ways, in a pan over the stove or pop them in a bowl and put them in the microwave for 3 minutes, remembering to stir half way through.

4. Now to serve. Whilst you are serving put the crumpet or toast (2 points per slice) in the toaster. Add the sausages and bacon onto the plate. Carefully remove the tomatoes from the frying pan, these are very soft once they have been cooked so you may need a spoon to help take them out. Add the mushrooms and 3 tablespoons of beans. Once the crumpet is cooked add a little butter and you're done. 

5. I had a small glass of orange juice with my breakfast but you could have apple juice for the same amount of points or if you are feeling really healthy you could just have water which is free.

Of course I couldnt leave my two boys out so I cooked off a sausage of them and split it between you can see it went down well!


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