Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A new look.

I've always loved to change my hair. When I was 16 I did an apprenticeship at a local hairdressers for two years. Whilst I was there I must have changed my hair colour and style every month. I loved my job! 

Around the time I was diagnosed with depression I stopped changing my hair and it stayed the same boring brown for about 5 years. I generally stopped caring about how I looked really. Now I'm not saying I walked around in tracksuit bottoms and hoodies but I just didn't really care what I wore....if it fit then that was what I would wear! Now that I have started to lose weight I have noticed I have started to show an interest again in clothes again and to celebrate losing 2 stone I decided to change my hair! 

I had a look online and found this....

I was instantly in love with the colour. I have never had my hair ombre before and I was desperate to get it done. I called around a few salons local to me and surprisingly no one had done an ombre before. So I thought...screw it I'll do it myself! 

I went down to Capital Hair and Beauty supplies, where I am a member, and got a colour stripper for my hair and a light golden brown colour as a base. I decided to get the L'oreal  Wild Ombre kit for dark hair.

Now I have always been against home dye kits. The list of DIY colours gone wrong that I have had to correct is as long as my arm but I decided to give it ago as I had read and seen so many good reviews. Plus I decided to get Lauren to do it as if it went wrong it would be all her fault!

The L'oreal colour stripper didn't really work, to be honest I didn't have enough of the mixture so I reckon if I had had more it would have lifted a lot more than it did. 

Once I had washed off the light brown colour that I put on after the colour stripper I got out the ombre kit and prepared for the worst! 

My hair took forever to lift the colour but eventually it lifted as much as it could. 

The results were......

It's taken a lot of getting used to but I love it! I actually like the fact that it's not lifted to a blonde colour and is instead a light brown. I've definitely got my colouring bug back.....what colour shall I go next?!?!


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