Monday, 12 August 2013


Well it's been a month and a half since my last post and boy have things changed!

Now firstly I need to apologise, I had lots of drafted blogs waiting to go live but unfortunately my laptop died and I lost all of the lovely photos Dan took for me which I am gutted about. I've managed to save a few of them including some very interesting photos for a post which involves Dan doing the food shop and taking over cooking dinners for a week.....that was a very interesting week!!

We've left Bentley now and moved in with Mum and Dad. We sat down one evening and worked out how much we had spent on renting over the past 4 years and nearly fainted! So we decided to take that big step and get our very own place. Unfortunately Rocky couldn't come to Mum and Dad's with us as they live in apartments so he's gone to live with Dan's mum for a bit until we get our own place. It breaks my heart not to have him with us but he's having an absolutely ball with Dan's mum.

We're now house hunting! It's all very exciting and extremely scary but we've got the best parents, they are giving us lots of advice and are there to answer all our questions. There are lots of new build's going up at the moment so we're definitely looking into this Help to Buy scheme. We cannot wait to find the next place to call home.

Well I could talk to hours but I've got posts to this space!

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