Friday, 16 August 2013

Uh oh.....Dan does the food shopping

If you follow me on instagram you will have seen I challenged Dan to do the shopping and cook for the week!! I was so fed up with being the one that made the list, did the shopping and cooked the meals I thought I would let him do it for once.

I have to admit Dan is a very good cook but god does he make a mess. I don't know how he does it but he manages to use every single pot, pan, plate, cutlery and cooking utensil that we own! 

So we arrive at M&S on Thursday as usual and he said the same thing that he always does 'Do you have the list?' and that's when I delivered the news. As you can see he wasn't filled with confidence....

After about 20 minutes sat in the car working out working out a shopping list we eventually ventured into M&S. I told Dan he could get whatever he wanted,what did I say that for?!

He started off well by getting all the meats, the fruit, veg and milk. Then he had to stop and actually think what he was going to cook for the week! After a lot of walking around he had worked out enough meals for 7 days and wanted to make a dessert. I was feeling very positive about his shop and started to wonder why I didn't get him to do it more often. 

Then it happened.....more and more 'naughty treats' started to appear in our trolley. What had I done!

Chocolate muffins, double cream, chips and posh scotch eggs....oh god!

We finally made it to the tills and just as I was going to help him load everything onto the till he said he could do it, at this point my jaw had dropped to the floor. Not only was he doing the shopping he was packing as well!

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. He did do a good job! He got everything we needed, everything for dinners for 7 days, lunches for me (that were weight watchers friendly) and he even thought about a dessert. As you can see he was pleased as punch with his shopping.

Bless him...he looks so pleased with himself!

Now for the dinners:

We had some lovely dinners that week. Lasagna, prawn curry (made from scratch), chicken salad, burgers and chips, cottage pie, Sunday roast and he even made a trifle. There was a slight lazy day where Dan decided we'd 'treat ourselves' to a Thai was his week of cooking so I couldn't say no!!

Overall he did an amazing job and we had some pretty great meals. Well done Dan :)

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  1. Wow! Dan did an amazing job cooking and shopping!


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