Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Anniversary evening out

If you read my last blog you will have seen Dan and I decided to separate the day of our anniversary into two halves...he got the afternoon/evening.

Once we were back from the beach and washed the sand from our feet I was told to be ready at 4. Now getting ready when you have absolutely no idea where you are going is tough so I trawled through my wardrobe trying to find something that would look nice and be OK to wear for any occasion.....sounds easier than it is. Once I had arranged the gorgeous flowers Dan gave me into a vase we were off!

We eventually ended up in Guildford, I say eventually up because Dan got completely lost and had no idea where he was going and as it was a secret I couldn't tell him we were actually heading into London! When we finally arrived and parked in the worlds smallest parking space we walked through the high street and arrived at House of Fraser. At this point things started to click and I realised where we were going. We walked down the stairs and there she was my lovely sister ready to do my make up. It was such a lovely thought and I felt very glam and ready for the next surprise!

Excuse the end of night photo. It doesn't do the make up justice!

Then came the next stage of the evening, a night at the cinema seeing a film I had been desperate to see. Now you see Me. It was absolutely brilliant and just my kind of film, would highly recommend it. I did come out of the cinema though wanting to take up magic..... having said that I don't think I would look as good as Isla Fisher in that silver sparkly dress!!

After the film we made our way to a great restaurant called CAU at the top of the high street in Guildford. We had never been before and love finding new places to eat....plus this place is well known for it's steak which is mine and Dan's favorite. The restaurant itself is really modern but has such a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere. When I looked at the menu we were spoilt for choice, so decided to push the boat out and go for a full 3 course meal, sod the diet! We started off with the Salt & pepper squid and Crispbreads & Dips, these didn't last long and were soon gobbled up. All the dips were homemade and the crisp breads were moreish! Then we couldn't not have the steak, I went for the smaller size and of course Dan went for what looked like half a cow on his plate. The steaks were cooked to perfection and the chips were just right. After we had finished drooling over the dessert menu we agreed to share one. Now this may have been a big mistake as we had to walk back to the car but god was it good! The staff, known as 'CAUGIRLS' and 'CAUBOYS' were so lovely and couldn't have been more attentive. If you are looking for good quality food, cooked well and reasonably priced then this is the place. 

After a very long day we made our way home, it was such a nice way to end what was a pretty perfect day........but it doesn't end there. At the end of the evening Dan told me I had to be ready and in the car at 3am on Tuesday morning. All will be revealed in my next post!!

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