Friday, 27 September 2013

Blackberry picking that ended up in disaster!

A couple of weeks ago Lauren and I came across a huge blackberry bush when we took Dave out on a walk round the orchards after work. At first we only grabbed a few to try then something took over us and before we knew it 3 hours had passed and we had filled up 3 bags. Now unfortunately we hadn't come out prepared for this so the only thing we had we're poo bags...obviously unused! It was a beautiful evening and we had picked more than enough to get us started.

We took them home gave them a wash and popped them into the freezer till we can decide what to do with them. We have so many different things we want to make with them, jams, cakes, pies, crumbles (my tummy just rumbled!) And we have plenty to make all of the above.

Now a couple of days later we decided to go back out again and pick some more (basically we are really greedy!) so we grabbed a basket some more bags and brought Dan along to keep the dog company. Little did I know Dan would get as addicted to blackberry picking as us!

We decided to go to what I like to call a little bit of heaven. It's a gorgeous little place that looks untouched.

Dave absolutely loves it up there. Other dog owners might find there dogs do the same thing, but when Dave goes through long grass he turns into Bambi and jumps through the long grass. He's never happier than when he's having a run around.

Unfortunately what was a lovely evening walk turned into a nightmare. Dan being Dan decided he was going to climb over the fence and investigate behind where we were to see if there were any other blackberries. Lauren and I had moved around the corner and all of a sudden as I turned to look at Dan he was climbing over a barbed wire fence. That's when my heart sank, the fence collapsed and he slipped and fell straight onto the fence. Lauren and I made a quick dash over to him by which time he had stood up and seen he had completely ripped the side of his shirt. Once I had eventually stopped telling him off and shouting 'what if you had hurt yourself' followed by a 'I told you not to go over the fence' he came round the other side and walked round to us. As he walked over he said he thought he may have grazed his side a bit, we lifted up his shirt to see this...

At this point Lauren stopped laughing and I started crying! We frog marched home and assessed the damage. He was so lucky he didn't fall forward and catch his face on the fence. Lauren was brilliant and cleaned them up as best as she could but there was so much rust in his cuts we thought it was best to pop down to the doctors.

After Dan was given tetanus injection, a few bandages and orders to rest up we were back off home so he could show off his war wounds!

Lauren came along to keep us entertained and take Dan's mind off the pain!

Well that was a week ago and he's finally improving. He hasn't had the best time, sleeping has been difficult as he couldn't lie on his back and he couldn't lift his arm for a few days without being in pain. There is lots of bruising and the cuts are still very sore but he was very lucky. 

I'm thinking about getting Dan a harness to match Dave's......then I can keep an eye on both of them!

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