Wednesday, 2 October 2013


On the 18th August Dan and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. We had a truly lovely day, full of surprises and trips out.  You will have seen at the end of my post Dan had one more surprise for me and told me to be in the car on the 20th August at 3am.

With the alarms set for 2.15am we decided to have a VERY early night the day before, I felt like a kid at Christmas and got hardly any sleep. Hearing the alarms go off was painful (I think Dave's face says it all!) but I was so excited, if a little nervous, about the day ahead we got up, got ready and headed off.

As we drove towards London I had it in my mind we were going up north, that was until Dan took the turning for Gatwick airport. At first I laughed it off and told him it wasn't funny, I didn't even have my passport so there was no way we were leaving the country...or so I thought.

When we pulled up into the car park it stopped being funny and I realised he was being serious. But where were we going?!?!?!

We walked through the airport and Dan explained that he had already checked in and got my passport so we just needed to go through security. Whilst walking through passport control Dan finally revealed our destination........Amsterdam!! Neither of us had been before and we were both so excited to go.

Now I have to admit I didn't really know what there was to see in Amsterdam other than Anne Franks House. So Dan filled me in on everything we were going to do.
An hour later we landed in Amsterdam airport and hopped on to the train to the city center. I thought it maybe a good idea to grab ourselves a map as Dan's not great at directions and I didn't want to have a domestic in the middle of Amsterdam! When we eventually worked out where we were going we jumped on a tram and headed towards Anne Franks House. We knew that this was something we had to do and decided to go there first. The trams are a brilliant way to get around the city. We struggled to work out which stop we needed but fortunately the guy on the tram was so helpful. The local dutch people were all so lovely and extremely helpful.

Now Dan did a bit of research before we left and found that the queues were very long to get into Anne Frank's House so we had to get over there as quick as possible.

When we got there the queue was massive but we were both so desperate to go inside that we decided to stick with it. 2 hours later we finally made our way to the front!

As you walk around you start off in the main house and office which tells the story of Anne Frank and explains who everyone was. You slowly move your way through to the back of the house and go through the bookcase which is a really surreal experience. Everyone is so quiet as you slowly make your way around the house. It is so dark and claustrophobic. It's such an emotional thing to do and hard to imagine people actually had to live there to survive. I would definitely recommend it.

When we came out we decided to grab some lunch next to the river and take in the beautiful scenery. It truly is a gorgeous place, we were so lucky with the weather the sun shone all day.

We wanted to see as much of Amsterdam as possible so we headed out on a tour boat and took in the sites.  Of course we couldn't go to such a beautiful place without taking along the other girl in Dan's life....his camera and boy did he get some good shots!

After a very long day we headed back on the train to Schiphol airport and grabbed the evening flight home. It was a really beautiful day and it was such a lovely surprise. That day made me realise even more, how lucky I am and how many things I have to be thankful for. Thank you Dan...for everything. Here's to the next 5! xxx


  1. Awww! Dan is the absolute sweetest! I hope I have a boyfriend half as nice as him! Congrats on 5 years!

  2. Thanks Whitney. It really was such a surprise, just can't believe he organised it by himself!! :)

  3. Happy anniversary, Amsterdam is definitely on my bucket list! Lucky lady :o)
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Thank you Michelle! Amsterdam is amazing, would definitely recommend it :)

  4. Oh my goodness! What an exciting experience sweety! My fiancée and I have forgotten both year 5 & 6 of our anniversarys but I guess that happens when you have a 2 year old.

    Happy 5 years!! It sounded like such a wonderful surprise :)



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