Saturday, 5 October 2013

Things I loved in September.

I can't believe we are already in October, where did September go! Dare it say it but it's not long till Christmas.....eeeek. September has been such a busy month. Dan turned 26, he's now officially closer to 30 than 20, sorry Dan! I may have to start thinking about trading him in for a younger model...

The house search is in full swing, we think we have found the house we would like but we're desperately trying not to get our hopes up just encase. I didn't realise how many forms, emails, meetings and telephone calls would be involved and we're still in the first stages of the Help to Buy scheme. It will be worth it!

Anyway on to things I have loved this month....

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
I am so in love with this nail varnish from OPI it's called 'Lincoln Park After Dark.' OPI nail varnishes are my favourite. The formulation is good, they are so easy to apply and really make your nails shine.

Holiday Fund Smash to Open Money Pot - Amazon £8
I brought this for Dan when we moved out of the cottage and in with my parents so we could start saving! We have done so well with saving out pennies but we're so desperate to go out and visit Dan's Dad.He lives in Hong Kong and we haven't been out to see him for the past 2 years now so we are saving our pennies and to go out and see them all. The pot is getting pretty heavy now, any £1 or £2 coins that we get go straight in. We also won the lottery the other was only £8.20 but we still won! That went straight in to the pot. These make great gift ideas and come with lovely notes on the back. This one has:
Bikinis and flipflops, 
Sand, sea and sun,
save up all your pennies,
then go have some fun.

Pie dish from Laura Ashley
My lovely Mum and Dad gave Dan and I this for our anniversary. I was going to save this to put in our new house but the other week I had cravings for chicken pie so I gave into temptation and used it! Boy does it make a good pie.

Kindle Fire - Amazon
 I got Dan a kindle Fire for our anniversary this year and it's brilliant. Lauren saw on Martin Lewis' website that they were doing a special offer on reconditioned Kindles for only £99. It's great for Dan to take to meetings and keep his portfolio on. It's also great for me to watch One Tree Hill!! Dan and I decided to sign up for LoveFilm a couple of weeks ago and when I was having a look to see what films they had I saw it....the complete set of One Tree Hill. When I was a teenager I absolutely loved One Tree Hill and over the past few weeks I have reverted back to my teenage ways and locked myself away in my room and watched Series 1-9 back to back!!!

Blackberry and apple jam
If you read my post on our blackberry picking adventure you will know we had ALOT of blackberries ready to be made into something special and yummy. Lauren's lovely friend Hannah came over the other evening with some apples from her garden, so the next day we got out our biggest sauce pan and made up a huge batch of apple and blackberry jam. We still have lots of blackberries so there are plenty more things to make!

Hay Day
Hello my name is Aimee and I have an addiction to HayDay....phew I'm so glad I got that off my chest! But seriously, all jokes aside I am totally addicted to this game. It has completely taken over my life, as soon as that little notification pops up on my phone telling me my 'bacon is ready to be collected' or 'wool is ready' I drop everything to attend to my I sound sad. But I challenge you to play this game and not get addicted!

So those are the things I loved last month, what things did you love? 


  1. Those smash open pots are so beautiful! I don't think I could bear to break one :( xx

    1. They're gorgeous aren't they. It will break my heart smashing it, but I can't wait to see how much we have in there! x


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