Monday, 25 November 2013

Beat the bulge - Week 2

It's my first way in and I'm so pleased with the results! I've lost a total of 3 pounds and a couple of centimetres off my waist and hips.

I've had such a good week and I can't believe the difference in the food I'm eating. I was never a fan of eating breakfast but for the past week I have eaten breakfast every morning. I would normally have two meals a day and then snack throughout. Having an office job makes me really inactive and working next to a village shop doesn't help as snacks are normally chocolate bars and crisps!! I've been a lot more organised with my lunches and taking in snacks to have during the day to stop me from popping next door to grab a quick fix!

Foods I have loved this week: Danio yogurts, Granola, Homemade Weight Watcher Chilli Con Carne, Salsa with veg to snack.

Fingers crossed next week will be as successful!

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