Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas Jumpers!

The other night I was sat at the computer doing a bit of Christmas shopping and decided to look around for some ideas of an outfit for Christmas day. Now every year we always dress up for Christmas day but I've decided to break tradition and go for a Christmas Jumper. I've always wanted to but every year I decided against it and brought a last minute dress, but this year I'm going for it and I'm making Dan join in with me!

As I looked around I was so impressed with some of the shops variety of jumpers but others I was left a little disappointed. The shops I didn't really think would have many had loads and the ones I thought would almost definitely have some had none or not what I would call I Christmas jumper.

Now I know what you're thinking.....PRIMARK! I'll be popping there soon, as I know everyone has already been going on about how great there jumpers are this year. I may even drag Dan along to get matching ones.....we'll be the coolest couple in the South!!

These are just 9 of my favorite ones in the shops at the moment:

Dorothy Perkins
1: White Christmas Pudding Jumper - £25.20
2: Grey Ruldolph Christmas Jumper: £25.20
3: Charcoal Reindeer Christmas Jumper - £26.10

I have to admit Dorothy Perkins jumper collection didn't exactly have me jumping for joy but the jumpers I did find I think are really cute. They are currently having a 30% off sale so pop over and check it out!

New Look
4: Black Jolly Fluffy Christmas Jumper - £24.99
5: Cream Reindeer Sequin Nose Fluffy Christmas Jumper - £ 27.99
6: Pale Blue Polka Dot Pudding Christmas Jumper - £27.99

I love all of their jumpers so this was a tough decision. The pale blue pudding is my favourite but they are all gorgeous. I was so surprised to see how many men's jumpers they had too. A big thumbs up from me New Look!

7: Snowflake Sweater - £32
8: Fun Pudding Sweater - £28
9: Brush Christmas Top - £20

Just like Dorothy Perkins, Next didn't really excite me with their collection which was really disappointing. I usually love Next. I find all their Home stuff, clothes and Christmas bits fantastic. There weren't a lot of jumper,s just tops and t-shirts but the ones I did find are really sweet, especially the red snowflake jumper.

What do you think to wear on Christmas, do you dress up or is it a day in your Christmas pj's? If you have found any funky Christmas Jumpers that you would like to share then leave me a link in the comments below (the tackier the better!)

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