Thursday, 5 December 2013

Beat the bulge - Week 3

Well not much to report this week, I stayed exactly the same which I guess is better than putting on. I've really got into a routine now with food. I'm still finding it hard to hold back from eating junk food and chocolate but I'm hanging on in there!

I'm sticking to eating breakfast which I think is really helping stop me from snacking up until lunch, then when I do get to lunch I've been having a really filling meal that has got me through till dinner. I have still brought in lots of fruit and weight watchers friendly snacks that I've had if I need a little pick me up in the afternoon. One thing I have really cut down on is Diet Coke, I used to drink tons of it daily and it can't have been good for me. I've found some fizzy flavoured waters in Tesco that are no points and just as good!

Foods I have loved this week: Flavoured Water (FREE), Pink Whites (1 point each), M&S Sweet and Salty popcorn (2 points per bag.)
I know I've got to get out there and exercise a bit more. Without wanting to make excuses it's hard exercising and having an office job in the winter. By the time I get home at about 5.30 - 6 pm it's pitch black outside and we are surrounded by orchards and fields so going out walking the dog doesn't sound sounds scary!!! Dan is off work this weekend so we're planning on going down to the beach for a 4 mile walk and a bag of chips with the dog. I can't wait!!!!

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