Friday, 13 December 2013

Beat the bulge - Week 4

Another week has gone by and it's a very small loss this week. Just 1 pound. I'm a bit disappointed but at the same time it's really difficult to be so good so close to Christmas! There is so much lovely food around at this time of year, mince pies, tins of chocolates, cheese!!! I've resisted more than I thought I could and I'm still sticking to not eating bread which I think is really helping.

The best news of all is I am finally in my size 14 jeans. I'm so pleased as every time I tried to squeeze into them they would dig into my hips and were so uncomfortable, but now they fit and I'm so happy.

I need to step up my exercising more. Not wanting to make excuses but the winter weather doesn't help with this, by the time I get home at 5.30 it's pitch black. Last weekend we decided to stretch our legs and go down to the beach. Dave absolutely loved it, he drove straight into the sea and got absolutely soaking, but that didn't stop him. It was a beautiful day and we managed to do a 3 mile walk which meant I burnt lots of calories!

West Wittering

Wish me luck for this week, I have a feeling it maybe a tough one as even more Christmas food starts to enter the house....someone hide the Christmas cake!!

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