Thursday, 5 December 2013

My amazing Advent Calendar

If you follow me on instagram and twitter you will have seen myself and my mum were busy on Sunday decorating the house for Christmas. Dan and Lauren were at work so we turned the house into Santa's grotto by decorating the beams, window sills, kitchen and lounge. It looked great! 

When Dan got home he hurried into our room and said he had a surprise for me, as I walked into our room I saw a beautiful advent Calendar on our window was mine!! Behind every door is either a lucky dip or a present. There is also a Santa's sack that sits under our tree where all the presents are kept. I literally turned into a 5 year old and was instantly excited to see what was behind every door!! I've resisted temptation and every morning Dan and I open our calendars together. 

So far I have had the following:
Day 1: The hat I have been desperate to get from Peacocks. Yes it's a mens hat but I love it!!!
Day 2: My absolute favourite....Maltesers.
Day 3: when I saw this I did ask Dan if there was something he was trying to tell me.
Day 4: Cotton pads, which I used daily so these were perfect.

It was such a sweet thing to do and everytime I look at it I'm reminded how thoughtful Dan is and how lucky I am! Thank you Dan x


  1. So so gorgeous!
    We've ditched advent calendars this year in favour of getting one for the, I don't want to talk about it!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Oh Michelle you are so sweet, they are worth it though aren't they. I've just read your post about giving them a bath....ADORABLE! I may have to order some of those pouches for Dave :) xx


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