Friday, 6 December 2013

Things I loved in November

Well November came and went in the blink of an eye and we are in December already, which means one's time for 'Things I loved in November!'

I really enjoy cooking and when i'm cooking for 5 people it can be tricky to keep things exciting and not just cook the same things over and over again. I'm always up for trying new foods and recipes so when I stumbled across Jamie Olivers website I was instantly in love! Not only are there LOADS of fab recipes but the way the website works is so easy. You can search for recipes by ingredient, dish, meal, special diets or occasions. The other day we had loads of minced beef so I looked on the website and under beef was a gorgeous Beef Kofta Curry recipe which was quick and easy to follow. Can't recommend this website enough!

Sunday evenings from 7 - 8pm have become my favourite time of the week thanks to Lbloggers Chat. It's been a great place to meet other lifestyle bloggers and have a good old chat! Every week there is a guest host who runs the hours chat. In that hour we are given discussions and questions to answer. I would love to host a week but I'm a little nervous as there are so many people that get involved...who knows, one week I might just bite the bullet and ask! I've met lots of lovely people there and the advise and comments I have received is amazing.

What a surprise coffee is on my favourites!! I am so excited about the Costa Christmas drinks this year but I've heard mixed reviews. I'm desperate to try the Chocolate and Orange Latte but I saw MissBudgetBeauty did a tasting on the Christmas selection and she wasn't impressed with this one. My all time favourite drink has to be a caramel latte, the points value is very low if I have a skinny latte with just one shot of caramel works out at 4 points. Now I want a coffee!

Over November I became slightly obsessed with checking my o2 Priority moments. There have been some great deals on there recently, 50% off at The Body Shop, free anti freeze screenwash at Halfords and my favourtie a free coffee at Café Nero! It's always handy to have a look before you go shopping, espiecally as Christmas is just around the corner.

It's been bitterly cold over the past few weeks and one of the main things that suffer are my lips, they get so dry. Every Sunday use my Lush Bubblegum lip scrub and then put on this lovely lip Bee Balm that my dear friend Tarah sent me from Portland. I love this lip balm, it smells amazing and really does sort my lips out!

Well that's it for another month. What did you love last month?


  1. I took advantage of the body shop sale, got make up brushes and candle! Eek! You really should volunteer for lbloggers, you would be fab! Think up a topic and 3-4 questions and your away.. I will expect you to be hosting one soon(no pressure) x

  2. I was gutted I missed that one!! Thank you that's really sweet. I might make it my new years resolution to put myself forward to host one of the chats :) xx

  3. I haven't had a costa coffee in so long, but i keep seeing these cups on twitter and instagram and they are really cute! i've got a craving for coffee now!! x


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