Sunday, 12 January 2014

Gifts from across the pond

Last month the very lovely Whitney from Sugar Me Sweet sent me a few gifts for Christmas. Whitney and my sister Lauren from The Beauty Habit have done beauty swaps for a while now and this year she was kind enough to add in a few extras just for me! Now I have all the patience of a 5 year old when it comes to presents, there was no way I could put these under the tree and wait until Christmas day. So as soon as Lauren got home I tucked straight into them and this is what I got....

My face lit up when I opened this as I've been desperate to try Victoria's secret Pink for a while now as I have seen so many other bloggers rave about it and it certainly didn't disappoint. It smells amazing!

Whitney must be a mind reader as I had just run out of my anti bacterial hand gel that week so this went straight into my handbag!

I've heard alot about the Maybelline Color Tattoo's so I cannot wait to try this. Its the perfect colour for me as I tend to lean more towards the darker shades.

This has come in handy so much these past few weeks as the weather has been horrible here in the UK. I have never been one for wearing lipsticks, I just don't think they suit me or maybe I've not found the right colour, anyway I love lipglosses and lip shines so this is just right!

Yet another thing that smells incredible! Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Body lotion from Bath & Body works. We don't get Bath & Body works over here so this was a lovely treat to try.

Again Whitney must be a mind reader because I've been desperate to get some new blotting papers and these ones are pretty amazing.....they smell like peppermint!! How cool is that?! They have gone straight into my handbag and have been used ALOT!

A massive thank you to Whitney for sending me these lovely gifts! We've never met yet it's like she knows me so well.



  1. So glad you loved everything, and that I picked things you could use! The Maybelline Eye Tattoos are fantastic, and they really do last all day! Wait till you see what little goodies I sent you in Lauren's Spring Box! I think you're going to really like them as well!

    1. Whitney you do spoil us! :) Thank you again and thank you for the food parcel you sent Lauren she's already been making us the coffee and we are already planning out an evening when we are all together so we cook with the spices! x


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