Friday, 10 January 2014

Our Crap Christmas

Where do I start? As you will have noticed there has been a lack in blogs over the past couple of weeks, I'd love to say that this has been because I have taken some time off enjoyed the Christmas period and chilled out.....but far from it!

The lead up to Christmas was brilliant, we were all really excited about having some time off. For the first time since Dan and I have been together he had Christmas Eve off work so we had planned to decorate the Christmas cake, watch some panto on the telly, make a ginger bread house, dance around to Mariah All I want for Christmas and just generally get into the festive spirit.

The night before we got hit by some pretty awful weather, the rain chucked it down and the winds kept me up most of the night but it calmed down as the night went on and when we woke up calm was restored! We decided to get up early on Christmas Eve day as we wanted to enjoy the day, but disaster struck at 10 am just as Dan and I were getting ready to pop to the shops the power went out. After about 10 minutes of stomping around and moaning, we decided to go out and grab the last few bits of veg for Christmas dinner in the hope that it would be fixed whilst we were out.

When we got back about two hours later there was still no power. At this point Dan was pretty fed up and his 'Christmas cheer' was diminishing, so I gave him the job of decorating the cake! He took to it like a duck to water, his creation was something Delia Smith would be proud of.

Another thing that you should know is that we live in apartments, which means the water is pumped up to the flats with electricity......which we didn't have which meant we had no water as well! That's right, not only did we have no power, no heating, a fridge that was slowly getting warmer and warmer which meant the food (including the turkey) was getting ruined but we also had no flushing loos and no showers. Most importantly though, no Mariah!!!

As the day went on tensions were mounting and we were slowly coming to the realisation that we were going to have no power or water on Christmas Day. When Lauren got home at 7 pm we decided to plan for a day without electricity and water. We moved our freezer full of lovely Christmas meats that we were going to cook off to Dan's mums freezer and she kindly cooked off our turkey so we could at least eat it cold on Christmas day. We went to bed that night praying for a Christmas miracle!

Christmas morning arrived and to say it was crap was the understatement of the year, it was cold, dark and quite. Dan headed off to his mum's for the day and we tried to make the most of it.

With Dan's mum saving the day and cooking off our turkey we just had to sort out the veg. Luckily there was a back up tap in the orchard next to us so we could get some water to boil the veg. We put the stoves on in the kitchen to try and create some heat to keep us warm but it didn't really help but thanks to mine and mums candle obsession we had plenty of light and heat to keep us going!

Cooking Christmas dinner by candle light was a new one for us but I have to say Lauren and I did a pretty amazing job! Apologies for the awful photos but it was so dark you can't really see what's going on! 

Lauren trying to do wonders with the brussels.
The kitchen lit up with candles and torches so we could see what we were doing.

We tried our best to make the most of it but the festive cheer was gone and to be honest none of us felt like it was Christmas Day. I tell you what having to put some boots on, your coat and a scarf, take a bucket down to a field, stand there for 5 minutes whilst the worlds slowest tap fills the bucket up with water and take it back up a flight of stairs just to use the toilet really doesn't fill you with festive cheer!!

The power eventually returned at about 6 pm on Christmas day which is when Dan gets back and we all exchange presents so our spirits were lifted!

Well this isn't the blog post I had planned and I'm really disappointed that it's been such a negative post but I really tried to make it as positive as possible....but how could i?!

Now I know we were a lot better off than some people, being in the line of work we are we have been dealing with a lot of the flooded houses that were hit over the Christmas time which are just awful. We can definitiely count our blessings.

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to our family and friends for the offers of showers and Christmas dinners, we really did appreciate every offer we had. And another massive thank you to Dan's mum for saving our turkey and freezer full of food. It was cooked to perfection!

Something a little more upbeat to end this post with. During the power cut on Christmas Eve Lauren and I decided to wrap Dan's Christmas present I got him......can you guess what it is?

I've also got to show you Dave's amazing Christmas jumper from the lovely Waggywinks. He looked gorgeous in it and to be honest without any heating it kept him nice and warm! Check them out they do some really cute things in their online boutique.



  1. That definitely sounds like a Christmas no one will forget! I'm sorry you and your family had to go through that! But at least the power did come on late Christmas Day so you could shower in the evening!

  2. Lauren was telling me about this last night. Bloody awful. So sorry you had to go through it all. Bloody energy companies need to get their act together! Hopefully you'll receive some sort of compensation xxx

    1. Thanks Rebecca! We've just been told that we will receive £75 in compensation, but to be honest as kind as it is £75 doesn't make up for all the food we lost and the fact the whole day was ruined. We're just going to have to make sure next year is one to remember :) x


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