Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Reorganising my dressing table

With a hectic Christmas and New Year behind us I decided to sort out my dresser. The only way I can describe the state of my dresser is like someone picked everything up and threw it at it. It's been so busy that my dresser has become more of a dumping ground than a place to get ready in the morning. I desperately needed a clearout of my make up. The thing is I actually don't have that much but I have loads that I just don't use which is stopping me from getting to the stuff that I do use. 

See what I mean.....this resembles more of a dumb than a dressing table
No organisation!

After a good two hours of tidying, polishing, re-arranging, sorting and throwing out anything I don't use I finally had my dresser back.

It's so much nicer now to get ready and know where everything is! I've found things that I totally forgot I had which is silly as I was keeping stuff I just wasn't using and missing out on things that I love. I could really do with some more Muji storage but I'm going to wait until we move into our new place to sort all this. At the moment living with Mum and Dad means I have to keep everything in our room so all my jewellery, make up, face products and toiletries are kept in this dresser, but when we get our own place I really want to move most of the things from this into some bathroom storage and have all of my make up out and on show so I don't lose track of what I have. But for now this will do!

Black Dresser with Mirror: Ikea
Clear Storage Drawers: Muji
Clear Brush Holder: Muji
Flowered Storage: Cath Kidston
Glass Dish: Yankee Candle
Six Sectioned Storage Holder: Muji
Candle: Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia
Stool: Ikea


  1. Having a good sort out is sooo therapeutic but it's hard to get cracking! Well done, looks fab.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Thank you. Sometimes it's nice to have a good clear-out. I have become slightly OCD though and every time my other half puts a glass or a bit of paper on it I immediately take it over and put it on his desk and shout 'this is my space keep your things off of it!' x

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