Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Yankee Candle Haul

Even though this Christmas will go down as my least favourite I was a very lucky girl as was spoilt rotten. Dan's lovely Mum and step Dad gave me the biggest box full of Yankee Candle gifts and Lauren got me the large glass jar of my favourite Christmas scent.....they know me so well!!

If you saw my Christmas Wish List post you will have seen I am obsessed with the Christmas Eve scent from Yankee candle and someone was obviously taking note and got me the large glass jar of it, thanks Lauren!

Dan's mum got me these gorgeous tea light holders that are already out and have been used non stop since I got them. The colours are absolutely stunning and will go perfectly with our furniture when we get into the new house. Now how pretty is this candle snuffer?! This is also made by Yankee Candle and I think it looks adorable sat next to the tea lights.

I was also given this huge box full of individual candles which I cannot wait to use. I think I'm going to save these for the new house as some of the scents I think will work in certain rooms, like the Vanilla Lime and clean cotton will work perfectly in the kitchen and the lavender will be great in the bathroom. I'm definitely one of those people that loves to have different scent and candles in each room of the house!

When we were at the cottage I tried out the True Rose reed defuser and I was so impressed by a) how long they lasted and b) by how much of a scent they gave off. So I was so pleased when Dan's mum got me another one but this time in Sparkling Snow which I have popped into a box we currently have for things to go in the new house! I cannot wait till we move and get all these bits out and put them in our very own home.

As I said I was truly spoilt this Christmas, thank you to Dan's family and Lauren for knowing me so well and getting me the perfect gifts. xx


  1. Blooming 'eck, that's Yankee Heaven!!
    I got my first ever one of these before Chrimbo (a Clementine one) which smelt very amazing.
    Your house is going to smell gooood for a while.
    M x Life Outside London

  2. I love the Clementine one it smells so good! I'm currently buring the Cherry one and it's got to be one of my favs :) x


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