Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Beat the bulge - Week 12

Hurrah I've finally managed to get back on track with this now! I've weighed myself and I'm so pleased I'm back at the weight I was just before Christmas. It was my birthday on Sunday and unbeknownst to me Dan and my family had organised one of the best birthdays for me (soon to be revealed in a blog post) but god was there alot of food consumed. Keeping my fingers crossed for next week though, I better get out there walking to burn it all off.

I'm so ready for the week ahead. Dan and I are planning to go for on some walks, weather permitting, as he is off work this week so it will be nice to spend some time together. I've planned out our meals for the evenings, and got lots of healthy lunches ready to go. 

I'm now on day 4 of no coke and I have to admit I'm not missing it one bit. I'm so shocked as I was finding it hard to go a couple of hours without having a glass of it, but 4 days is such an achievement for me!!

Let's hope all this hard work pays off.


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