Friday, 21 February 2014

Our Trip to the London Aquarium

If you read my Valentines Day post you will have seen Dan surprised me with tickets to the London Aquarium. I've been desperate to go to the London Aquarium for years and to say I was excited was an understatement. The rain continued to pour down but that didn't dampen our spirits!

After driving through ALOT of rain it finally stopped as we approached Richmond and this lovely Rainbow appeared!

Dan and I have been on a bit of a saving mission ever since we found our new house so we decided to drive to Richmond and get on the train from there. This actually worked out perfectly as we were able to have a bit of breakfast/lunch in the car before jumping on the train and making the short journey to Waterloo. The other reason we were a little hesitant taking the train all the way was that with all the flooding the trains have been so unpredictable we didn't want to get all the way there to find the train was cancelled.

When we arrived at Waterloo we walked straight out and quickly walked to the London Aquarium. Now the reason we quickly walked was 1. We were worried it was going to start chucking it down with rain again and 2. I was just SO excited!!!

For those of you that don't know the London Aquarium is right next to the London Eye which as we walked up we noticed had been decorated with hearts and fairy lights for Valentines Day. It really was very romantic.

The London Eye
The queue was massive when we arrived so we had to queue outside for a while which didn't really bother us when we had this as our view!

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
When we finally got through all the queuing we made our way to the entrance, only problem being you have to walk across the glass floored hallway to get into the Aquairum. At first this seemed fine, all we could see were little fishes swimming around, then this big guy decided to swim right underneath me as I walked this point I picked up the pace and walked as quickly as I possibly could without knocking any small children over!

As we walked in the first stop was the Ray Lagoon.

I've been lucky enough to go to some amazing places in my life, one of which was the Cayman Islands when my Dad was working out there for a year after Hurricane Katrina hit. Whilst we were there we were lucky enough to swim with the rays. They were ALOT bigger than the ones here but equally as beautiful. You can see in the photo below the darker brown one was popping up to say hello to everyone......

...but then he came round to see me! Every time I look at this photo it makes me laugh.

We even found Nemo, Dory and Gill!

Once we finished looking a the smaller fish it was time to move onto the big fish! Yet again my heart started racing when I saw we had to walk through the aquarium tunnel but I took a deep breath and held VERY tightly to Dan's hand. I have to say once I was in there I was completely transfixed by all the fishes, turtles and even the sharks!

The best part of the Aquarium has to be the GIANT tank full of all types of sharks. It really is incredible to see. We went on a Saturday which meant it was absolutely packed with people but if you are patient and wait to get to the front you wont regret it.

Whilst we were sat looking at the sharks swimming around we noticed Dan seemed to have made a bit of a friend who came in for a closer look!

You cant see Dan's face as the lighting was so dark, but he got a little nervous at this point!!

Now onto these little chaps. Dan was so excited when he saw they had a penguin enclosure. Apologies now for the awful photos, the lights were red and the penguins were all asleep right at the back! There was one Penguin all on his own at the side, just looking up at the painted boat on the wall!

As we continued to walk through we saw a sign to 'Touch a Starfish.' When we finally finished giggling we walked over to have a look and give it a go.



After nearly 3 hours we made it out the other side and I was gutted it ended. It really was a lovely day and I'm so glad we did it. Thank you so much Dan for a really thoughtful surprise! x

Apologies for the awful photos, the lighting in the Aquarium is so dark, and you're not allowed to use your flash, that it was so hard to take some decent photos!

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