Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Things I loved in January

So January went by in the flash of an eye and we are already nearly half way through February. I feel like I say this every month but it's been non stop this month. The house is starting to really take pace, they are currently putting the roof on it which is so exciting. Obviously trying not to get too excited.....but eeeeekkk! The boring stuff is still boring, so many forms to fill in, emails to write. Just can't wait to start choosing floors and cabinets!!

Anyway onto the things I have loved.

If you follow me on Twitter or have seen my 'Kicking February's arse' post you will have seen that I am giving up Diet Coke this month. It's been tough but the benefits I have had has blown me away. My skin feels and looks great, I was finding that I would break out a lot but since giving it up my skin has completely cleared up. I'm drinking 2 litres of water a day but if I just drink water I get so bored of it. I used to drink Vitamin Water every day. I was completely sucked into the whole 'Revitalise' and 'Energise' but apparantly they are just sugar flavoured water and do absolutely nothing for you. I mean, if someone wants to tell me that they do 'Energise' and 'Revitalise' me then I will happily go back to them. So all that being said I have switched to Sobe Water which I am now obsessed with. The Goji Berry and Blackcurrant is my absolute favourite!

Now to say I have loved Gossip Girl this month is probably the understatement of the century. I have been obsessed with this for months and the other day I came to the end of the series. I'm hoping that someone out there will help me because I watched all 6 seasons on Netflix only to get to the last episode and it said 'to be continued' at the end?!?! Where is the next episode, they only made 6 seasons? I'm so confused!

Back at the beginning of January I took on the task of getting my dresser in order. It felt so good after I had done it. I sorted through my make up, took out stuff I never used and didn't like. I was finding I would hold on to things just because I felt I had to and they would take up loads of space which meant I couldn't get to the stuff I wanted to try/use more. I've found I have really enjoyed getting ready in the morning now. I'm using a lot more of my make up and I'm really making more of an effort now.

To end the things that I loved in January, I thought I would share a new look courtesy of the lovely and extremely talented Lauren Alice MUA. We were bored one evening and she decided that she would try out some new make up that she got. As you can see I do look fabulous, the scouse brows, contouring and lip liner really make it all work. I reckon this look will take off!!


  1. Wow - what a brilliant look! One I'm sure we will all be imitating soon hehe!
    I've always been a HUGE GG fab too!
    Kat x

    1. Haha thanks Kat, I can't see why I haven't seen anyone replicate this look yet?


  2. Your dresser is so well organised! I love GG too - wish they would bring it back!



    1. Thanks Jenny. I'm trying my hardest to keep it this organised but it's looking a little more like the before picture at the moment. Tidying it up is on the top of my list this weekend!



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