Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Valentines Day

WARNING: This blog post contains lots of lovey dovey, soppy and sometimes cringey displays of affection. If you hate Valentines Day then this is not the post for you! Apologies in advance if you have to reach for a sick bag.

As most of you know Valentines Day is one of those days you either love or hate. I love it! I know lots of people say that we shouldn't just have one day that we show the people around us how much we love them, which I completely agree with, but come on it's just a bit of fun! I tell Dan I love him every day (are you reaching for your sick bag yet?) but we work completely different hours, plus he works at weekends so we never really spend quality time together. So it's nice to have that one day where no matter what we are doing we make sure we spend sometime together. 

This year we didn't really have much planned as we thought, due to the awful weather, everyone would be in. However Lauren had planned to spend then evening with a friend and Mum and Dad went out to the cinema. So it was just me, Dan and Dave. We did what we always do and took full advantage of the Dine in meal from M&S. A bottle of bubbly, steak & chips, camembert, desserts and lots of chocolate. As you can tell the diet went completely out the window!!

It was really lovely to spend some quality time together. 

We decided not to go over board with gifts and waste money when we are trying to save for the house. So Dan came up with a great idea of buying each other a gift for the house! I got Dan a black slate clock to go in his studio, but this isn't any ordinary clock. There are three clocks on it, each with a space underneath to write a different country to show the time. So far he said he's going to have the UK and Hong Kong as Dan's Dad, Step-Mum and brothers live out there. The other one will need a bit more thought. I also brought Dan a lottery ticket but unfortunately it wasn't the winning one. Dan got me a knife set and fajita hot plate, which I cannot wait to use!! We love to cook Mexican food so the hot plate will definitely be one of the first things we use when we move into the new place. Dan also surprised me with tickets to the London Aquarium the next day. Now anyone that knows me knows I LOVE aqauriums, I don't know what it is that fasinates me but I could spend all day looking around them. Now I'm not going to lie the thought of being in the Shark reef did scare me a little but nevertheless I was still excited!!! 

Camembert with Chutney
Peppered Rump Steak with Chunky chips, peas and Salad

Now I know what you're thinking....what the hell are these. Well they were very pretty white chocolate and passion fruit and dark chocolate and salted caramel hearts but they were squashed by the very heavy bottle of champagne. Even so they tasted delicious!!

We finished the evening off with these two cupcakes, some chocolate and 24 on Netflix! All equals a perfect Valentines Day night in. 


  1. Awwwwww you guys are so cute! This all looks so so lovely and romantic.

    We almost did the M&S deal but then didn't. Wish we had done it now, the heart shaped desserts look lovely (and I hadn't even noticed they were squished!)


    1. Thanks :) I love the M&S dine meal, the steaks are always our first choice!!! x


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