Sunday, 6 April 2014

Hosting the #lbloggers chat

I just wanted to write a quick thank you to everyone that took part in the LbloggersChat last week. I'd been worrying about it for weeks but I had the best time hosting and I was so pleased with how it went. If you missed it then below are the questions that were set, feel free to leave your answers in the comments below.

1. What/who was the first blog you read and what did you like about it?

2. What was your first blog post about and why did you chose it?

3. How did you feel when you published your first blog post?

4. How did it feel getting your first followers?

5. What was your first blog post layout like and how has it changed?

6. Is there any advice you would give to a first time blogger?

7. If I asked your readers to finish this sentence what do you think they would say, 'I read their blog because....'

A big thank you to @lbloggerschat for letting me host. Who knows maybe I'll put my name forward to do it again!


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  1. +JMJ+

    I enjoyed your questions! =D The way they are organised also helped us to reflect on how our blogs have grown since our first posts. =) I hope to see you at the chat later!


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