Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mini FREE Boots Haul!!

With the house move just weeks away I have really been trying to hold onto the purse strings to save the pennies, so with this in mind I broke out into a small panic when I realised I needed to pop to boots and grab a new pressed powder. Would I be able to walk past the Barry M stand without looking at the new Gelly summer shades? Could I escape without grabbing a few bits in the 3 for 2 offer? Well the answer is simple......NO I BLOODY COULDN'T. I don't know what comes over me when I get into Boots but I jsut seem to end up in the nail polish sections, it's not my fault they sell such pretty colours!

So I grabbed these two gorgeous Barry M Gelly nail paints one in 'Key Lime' and the other 'Blue Grape', a new powder and a Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I've always wanted to try the Bioderma Cleansing Water but it's not available in the UK and the price to get it shipped over makes my eyes water. So to my delight I heard that the new Garnier Cleansing Water was a great alternative and at just a fraction of the price. I've been a massive fan of the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser however over the past month I have noticed that my skin has been going back to how it was before I started using it, can your skin get used to a product and stop taking effect? I thought it would be good to switch it up a bit and I was right. Since using this my skin has totally cleared up and feels amazing. This is definitely one that will be staying in my skin care routine.

Now the best bit about all of this, the price:
Barry M Gelly Paints x 2 - £7.98
Seventeen pressed Powder - £3.99
Garnier Cleansing Water - £4.99

This should have come to £16.96 but the nail paints and powder where on 3 for 2 so I got one free and the cleansing water was on offer for £2.99. Bringing the total down to £10.97 then to my delight the guy behind the till said 'would you like to use your points as you have £11.00 on your card.' So all of this was free!!



  1. Nothing beats a free haul! I love Boots! Just found your blog on Twitter and I'm in love!


    1. Thanks Stephanie. I love your blog, especially your new post on Next, I love their home stuff too! In our old house I'd say about 70% of the stuff was from Next and I can tell that the new place will have a few more additions from there :) x


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