Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Jane Asher's Kitchen at Poundland!

Back in May my lovely sister Lauren from The Beauty Habit told me about a post A Thrifty Mrs wrote....Jane Asher had brought out a collection at Poundland!! Now at first I didn't believe it, Primark maybe but Poundland?! To say I was shocked was an understatement, all these lovely pastel coloured kitchen utensils, baking trays, cake tins and baking tools for A POUND EACH!! My mind is still blown by this.

Later that week Lauren came back with a cake slice, some tongs, a whisk, a tea towel and a pastry brush from the collection and since then I have been on a mission to head over to my nearest Poundland to see what else they had.

Here are just a few bits that I picked up:

Now I'm not saying these are going to last you a lifetime but Dan and I are at that stage when we need to replace a few kitchen utensils that we brought when we got our first place 5 years ago and as we are buying a house the budget is pretty tight so this is perfect for us. 

There are a few items that I can feel will last us a while like the tongs and the whisk but the sieve looks and feels like it's not the strongest so I don't know how many uses we will get out of that. Also the oven glove is perhaps a little thin so we'll have to see how that goes! But everything else seems like it will get us through for a few years.

All in all I think this range is brilliant. I highly recommend this to students and people starting out in their new homes that maybe haven't got a huge budget to work with.



  1. Oh nice! I may have to have a look in my local poundland. I could do with a few extra bits for when I'm back at uni!

  2. I love the oven glove! I have it myself! Such a bargain for £1!


  3. This stuff is so cute! Shame it doesn't seem like it will last long but for a £1 was can you expect! :)


  4. I really need to get some of these - I've been in my new house since February and I've got hardly nothing in it haha x

  5. These things are so cute! Poundland is definitely going to be one my homeware go-to's when I move out!
    Ellie | eleanormaes.blogspot.com x


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