Thursday, 19 June 2014

New House Accessories Wish List

Ever since we went to see the house I have been desperate to buy some things to put in it but as I've said so many times we are on a spending ban until we firstly buy the house and secondly live in it for a while and do each room up as we go. But as they say you can always wish, so that is exactly what this post is....a wish list!

1. Solar Powered Lights from Ikea £15 - At our last place Dan and I spent most of the summer in the garden and I can't see it being any different in the new place. I cannot wait to spend some time in the garden and I think these lights would look great along the fence.

2. Bedroom Rules Printed Bed Set from Next £45 - I love this bedding! We currently have a teal bedding set also from Next and I love it but I'd really like to get something a bit lighter as I find having a black bed and dark bedding makes the room feel a bit dark.

3. Chrome Lanterns from Next £20-£35 - My mum got two different size and shaped lanterns for her birthday this year and I am so in love with them. They look gorgeous and I can see these one from Next looking stunning in our garden light up when we are sat out there on a summers evening.

4. Cage Pendant from House of Fraser £66.50 - We have a kitchen breakfast room in the new place and if you saw my Things I loved In May post you will have seen we got a lovely statement clock from Wilko to put in the breakfast room. Every since we got that I have been desperate to find a really funky light to go over our breakfast table and I have fallen completely in love with this one from House of Fraser.

5. Bird Feeders from Next £8-£12 - I love hearing the bird chirping in the morning and with these bird feeders it will hopefully tempt them into our garden!

6.  Mini and Campervan Cushions from Very £7 each - These cushions are perfect for me and Dan. It's always been his wish to get an old Mini and do one up. These are currently in the sale for just £7 each so I may give into temptation and buy them......just don't tell Dan!!!

7. Mirrors from Very £69-£99 - I'd love to get a large mirror to go in the hallway to open it up a bit. I can't get over how expensive mirrors are so this may have to be something we save up for and get next year in the January sales.


  1. Those 'my side' & 'your side' pillows are ADORABLE!

    Emma Louise x

  2. These items are so cute! Def can't wait to see how you decorate your new home!

  3. These all look gorgeous! I love number 4 - the light! We want some industrial type lighting in our house but don't know where it could go!

  4. Absolutely love the bedding!! have to get it x


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