Sunday, 29 June 2014

Puppy Love

When Dan went to collect Dave from the groomers he was told about a new place called Puppy Love that has 3 acres of private enclosed land that you can hire for £10 an hour to let your dog run free in a safe and friendly environment.  

You are locked into the ground so that no one can come in and 6 foot fences surrounding the grounds so that the little munchkins can't get out! 

There are woodlands filled with hazel, birch, willow and oak trees. Along with plenty of grass areas, benches, chairs and even an agility area for your dog to play on!

This was the first time we had every let Dave off the lead and to say I was a proud doggy parent was an understatement!!!! As soon as we unclipped the lead we expected him to run off and start exploring but he just sat there.....

After he got settled he absolutely loved it to the point where he wore himself out and had to have a lie down!

After a water break Dave decided to explore the agility equipment. To be honest we couldn't get him out of the tunnel, he loved it in there.

The next bit of equipment was a little harder to get him to do but after a little help from Dan he got it in the end!!!

We had the best time there with Dave and he absolutely loved it. I can't recommend this place enough, so if you are local then definitely check it out!!!



  1. This places looks amazing! Dave looks like he had a great time. Wish there was somewhere near me like this!
    In Katie's Corner

  2. OMG this place looks amazing!! Dave looked like he had an awesome time!! my dogs would be in there element, I'm definitely going to check this out! xxx

  3. Letting your dog off the lead is so nerve-wracking. My old family dog, used to run out the door at any opportunity. Now my puppy Cece is completely different and really good! This place looks amazing, I may have to take a trip up to Surrey! Fantastic post! x

  4. This is the best idea ever!! And Dave looked super happy once he'd settled in! You can get a little tunnel for home from *cough* Amazon *cough* if he really loved it!
    M x Life Outside London

  5. What a good idea! I take for granted that I live in the woods in the middle of nowhere so it's nice to see that places like this exist.


  6. This reminds me of when we first started letting our dog Molly off the lead, it was so tense but a great moment at the same time as she looked so happy :)


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