Saturday, 28 June 2014

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne for MAC

As soon as I heard that Kelly and Sharon were bringing out a collection for MAC I was instantly excited. I am a massive fan of both of theirs and I just knew the collection would be good and I wasn't disappointed!

The collection was so popular and as always it sold out within a matter of hours. But luckily I was able to get my hands on a few of the pieces.

Sharon Osbourne Peaches & Cream Powder Blush:

Sharon Patentpolish Pencil in French Kiss:

Sharon Patentpolish Pencil in Ruby:

Kelly Osbourne Bloody Brilliant Eyeshadow Set:

I am so pleased with all the items I chose from these collections. The Sharon Blush has to be my favourite out of all of them and I've worn it every single day I've had it! The lip pencils are such pretty shades and not only look great but feel great on my lips.

The only thing I will say is, and I feel awful saying it, but I'm a bit gutted to see the packaging. Having seen the Aquatic Collection I was so amazed with the droplet packaging it came in I was so excited to see what Sharon and Kelly would come up with. Then to see that it was just the standard MAC packaging with just the colours changed and their signatures on the front it left me feeling a little disappointed.

But all that to one side the products are really good and I'm so pleased I was able to get a few of them!!


  1. I've heard of a lot of people talking about it. I definitely love that eye show! Kind of like pop-rock-glam within the colors! :)

  2. Love that eyeshadow palette might have to make a small purchase!

  3. I hadn't heard about this collection! The blush looks amazing, definitely my favourite too! :)
    In Katie's Corner


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