Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Homemade Summer Berries Ice lollies!

I don't know about you but with the heat wave that" currently hit the UK I have only been craving one thing.....ICE CREAM!!! Everyday the ice cream man visits us at the office and if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen I've given into temptation a few times and had a classic 99 with a flake. But the other day it got me thinking, could I make something a bit healthier at home?!

Dan and I were out and about on Sunday in Next and I saw these ice lolly moulds so I decided to give it a go.

Now I love ice cream but I much prefer frozen yogurt, so I picked up the ice lolly moulds grabbed some ingredients and headed home to make some delicious treats. 

All you need is:
500g of plain low fat yogurt
1 tsp of vanilla extract
90g caster sugar
Frozen or fresh berries of your choice
Milk or white chocolate to dip the lollies in
Sugar sprinkles to decorate!

This recipe is so easy!! Put the berries into a large bowl and using a wooden spoon mash them up so that they are in tiny bits, then add the sugar and stir till it is all mixed together. Add the yogurt and vanilla and mix together till its all fully conbined.

Now for the fun bit, get your moulds and slowly fill them up! Place the sticks in and pop in the freezer until they are set. 

This next bit was a bit tricky and I have to admit I struggled getting the ice lollies out of the moulds. I popped the moulds into a vowl of hot water for about 30 seconds but nothing worked to get them out. Now looking back I wish I had left them out for a few minutes as I think they may have been alot easier to slide out.
When I EVENTUALLY got them out I melted some chocolate and dipped the top of the ice cream into it and added some sprinkles!! 

These tasted delicious!!!! It's such a cheap way of making ice lollies, we've already been experimenting with different flavours. Lemonade lollies are the current favourites.

What's your favourite lolly? Are you an ice cream or frozen yogurt fan?!

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  1. These look delicious!! I've been looking for some ice lolly moulds, these are so cute! I will definitely be looking for these ones next time I'm in town :) xx


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