Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Can you spot the difference between Marks & Spencer and Lidl?

With Dan working at M&S we've always done our food shopping there. The food has always been great and tastes even better with his discount! Now after 10 years of being at M&S Dan has taken on a new job which means he can focus more on his photography, the downside is we've now lost his staff more cheese twists with 20% off!!!

So we decided to head over Lidl to see if there was a difference not only in price but also in quality. After our first trip we noticed a dramatic difference in the money we were spending per week. Our food shop had dropped from about £125 per week for 5 of us to just £60!! But after a few weeks of shopping at Lidl I wanted to see if the quality was any different, so I brought in a few of my best helpers Lauren, Dan, Dad and Mum to test the quality of a few of the things we used to by in M&S and the equivilant at Lidl.

So lets see the results:

Pork & Bramley Apple Sausages.
M&S £3.20 - Great flavour of both the pork and apple. Tasted like there was more meat. The texture of the sausages were really nice. - WINNER
Lidl £1.99 - Didn't have a lot of seasoning. Apple was too strong and overpowered the pork. Very crumbly. 

First things first there is a huge different in price, a massive £1.21 but according to my specialist tasters the M&S sausages were miles better than the Lidl ones. As you can see from there comments the Lidl sausages just didn't quite hit the spot. We have since been buying the plain pork Lidl's sausages and they are fantastic.

Thick Sliced White Bread.
M&S £1.30  
Lidl £0.47p 

The results on this one was split. Mum & Dad liked the Lidl's bread and Lauren & Dan liked the M&S bread. They both thought each one was fluffy and had a good crust.

Apple Juice.
M&S £1.10 - Tastes a bit chemically. A lot thicker but not in a nice way.
Lidl £1.08 - Tastes like apples! A rounder flavour to this one. - WINNER

With not a lot of difference in price I really thought there would be no difference in taste but I couldn't have been more wrong. Everyone but Dad (he's not a massive apple juice fan) liked the Lidl's juice! We've now switched to this one as I have to agree it's a lot nicer.

Apple Juice.
M&S £1.10 - Stronger flavour. A lot smoother. - WINNER
Lidl £1.08 -  Really thick and tastes a bit chemically. 

Everyone agreed that the M&S juice was a lot tastier than the Lidl, they found it to be really chemically and thick whereas the M&S really did taste like oranges!

Chocolate Chip Cookies.
M&S £0.75 - Really crunchy but the chocolate isn't very nice.
Lidl £0.45 -  A lot softer. Chocolate chips taste really good! - WINNER

I really thought that they would be able to tell the difference between the Lidl and the M&S ones purely on looks as the M&S cookies had a lot more chips in but the Lidl's cookies but the Lidl's came out on top. In fact it was pretty difficult to stop them from eating the Lidl's cookies!!

Pain Au Chocolate
M&S £0.89 - Really flakey but in a good way. Chocolate tasted good. - WINNER
Lidl £0.39 -  A lot smaller. Quite flat in texture. Not as fluffy as the M&S. But still good.

M&S £0.69 - Delicious! Maybe a little too flakey. - WINNER
Lidl £0.29 -  OK but prefer the other ones.

These had such a price difference I was really intrigued to see if there would be a dramatic difference. They did prefer the M&S ones but having said that we've been buying the Lidl ones ever since and they always get eaten!! 

Overall I've been really impressed with Lidl and it's become the place we got to to do our weekly shop! Where is your favourite place to shop?


  1. Such an interesting post!
    Jennifer xx

  2. We don't have a Lidl over here, but we do have Aldi - which I totally love! Our shopping is usually about $85 a week for four of us, not bad! That being said I really miss M&S! :)

  3. When I'm at university I shop mostly at asda (my mum occasionally puts some money on a student card!) but I used to buy a lot or frozen foods at iceland, and I go to B&M for my cupboard stuff. B&M do branded things for so much less than regular supermarkets!

  4. This is a really interesting post! I used to shop at Lidl when I was at Uni, but now I'm not near one I mainly use ASDA or Tesco home delivery.

    Milly // Mini Adventures

  5. You should maybe try Aldi too Aimee. There foods are so similar, if not better than most x

  6. Great post! My boyfriend won't have anything that is unbranded! Such an annoyance, we do have little tiffs over weatabix haha! Great to see a lot of them taste just as good!


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