Monday, 18 August 2014

Happy 6th Anniversary Dan!

Today Dan and I celebrate our 6th anniversary as a couple and I couldn't be happier. When we met 6 and a bit years ago I just knew Dan would be the one I would spend the rest of my life with and after knowing each other just 3 months we moved in together and have never looked back.

Dan's not just my boyfriend, he's my best friend, he's the person I go to when I'm feeling down, he can make me laugh (sometimes even when I'm so mad with him) and most of all and as cliched as it sounds, he's the love of my life.

Here's to many many more years Dan!!


  1. Happy happy anniversary, you guys look so happy together.
    M x

  2. Aww! How sweet! Happy anniversary to you both x

  3. Happy Anniversary! You two are so cute!


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