Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Things I loved in September

Now you all know I love candles, they were actually the first thing I brought for the house when we decided we were going to go ahead and buy it. At present we have one candle for every room....a little excessive?! Lauren found the most amazing candle shop just down the round from us (which is where I got the candles in the photo) and I'm already due another visit there to stock up on a few of my favorites. I can't wait till winter when I can start to get out my Christmas scents, Yankee Candle's Christmas Eve is the one that always comes out, every year without fail!

If you saw my post on this months GlossyBox you will have seen I received an acid peel from Skin Pep and at first I was a little scared to try it but I'm addicted to the stuff. As soon as I used it my skin felt incredible, where had this product been hiding?!?! I decided to pop onto their website to repurchase it as I was so impressed with the results I wanted to add it to my skin care routine and to my delight I saw a 50% off code on their website. Unfortunately the code doesn't seem to work as it says it's reached it's limit which doesn't surprise me as it's an incredible deal on products that are so worth it! This item is definitely going on my Christmas list.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen I've been posting a lot of photos of cakes. It's been Lauren and Dan's birthdays this month which has meant I've been back in the kitchen baking. For Lauren I decided to make a huge cupcake, extremely girly with lots of sprinkles. And for Dan I went for mini burgers! They came out a lot better than I thought as this was the first time I made them. Plus if I don't mind saying to myself they both tasted delicious.

I've been obsessed with asparagus this month, I don't know whats come over me but I crave it every day. We've never really used the grill on the oven but it's been the most used setting. I sprinkle a little oil and some salt on top and they are perfect. I suppose I could have cravings for worse things!

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  1. Aww I love that giant cupcake and those mini hamburgers! So creative and cute!



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