Thursday, 9 October 2014

Autumn Wish List

1. Wool Duffle Coat with fur hood from £159: There are no words to describe how in love I am with this coat. Having seen the lovely Fleur De Force wearing it in one of her vlogs I am totally and utterly obsessed with it. Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year, I love getting wrapped up in coats, scarves, hats and gloves and every year I tend to go for a Primark/New Look coat that will normally just get me through the year but I'd love to put a bit of money into a coat that I know will last and not end up with ripped lining or holes in the pockets!

2. GBK: Dan and I have been craving a GBK for months now and I'm determind that we are going to go for for a proper date night to see a movie and then spend the rest of the evening filling ourselves up on burgers, chips, halloumi and oreo milkshakes.....seriously my mouth is already watering.

3. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer form £15-£75 depending on size: Ever since I received a sample of this in a Glossybox I have had it on my list of things to repurchase. Every time I used it my hair felt silky soft and more importantly healthy.

4. Teddy Square Bed in Grey from £23 - £33: Poor Dave has been in desperate need of a new bed since he became 'Office Dog Dave' we had to take his lovely posh leather bed into work so that he has a comfy but stylish place to rest his little paws. I love this bed from Pets at Home and it will go perfectly with the colours that we are going to paint our room.

5. Skin Pep Brightening Enzyme and Acid Peel from £3.99 - £89.99 depending on size: Yet another item I received as a sample in a Glossybox that I have fallen in love with. I swear as soon as I used it my skin automatically felt  so clear and smooth. I'm gutted I missed out on their 50% off as I would have stocked up on this and a couple of other bits. However this will definitely be going on my Christmas list.

6. Charcoal Faux Fur Throw from £70-£90: The weather here has been crazy, I swear I woke up one morning and it was just Autumn outside. The heating has now been turned on, the candles are out and the casserole pot is back out on the stove. It already feels like winter in the evenings so I'd love to have a nice throw that we could snuggle up under in the cold nights.

7. Kringle Candle UK: I saw this company on Twitter as one of my who to follow's and oh does Twitter know me so well. As soon as I clicked on their website I instantly knew I'd want EVERYTHING!! They do so many great scents and their Autumn/winter collections sounds amazing. My favourite has to be the Spiced Apple. I'm currently on a spending ban until next month as I have so my home hauls to upload but I'm sure I'll grab a few bits from them as they are too good to resist.


  1. Oh that coat is so cute!! I reaaallly need a new winter coat too but just now all my spare money is for holiday ha.
    I love that you included something for Dave too! That bed looks super cosy and isn't even that expensive - always great!

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

  2. such a sweeet wishlist, I really want to try number 5 if you say it's so good. I want a product to try where i'm like.. 'wooow'. Plus i want so many scented candles too. A house full!! xx

  3. Loving the duffle coat. Shame about the price tag but then again you can't scrimp on a good coat. Great list :)

  4. Now my own wishlist is even longer! That coat is stunning. Let me know what you think of the candles once you have tried them.


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