Tuesday, 28 October 2014

It's that time of year.....Christmas Cake Recipe!!

We're now at that time of year where I start to plan for Christmas. I know what you're thinking, we're technically still in October so why the hell am I talking about Christmas, but things like pickled onions and Christmas cake need to be done at least 2 months ahead of the big day. So with the pickled onions done the next thing to do is the cake. This year I decided to go for the Queen of the Bake Off's recipe, Mary Berry. 

175g Raisins
350g Glace cherries, quartered
500g Currants
350g Sultanas
150 Sherry or Brandy
Finely grated zest of 2 oranges
250g Butter
250g Light muscovado sugar
4 eggs
1tbsp Black treacle
75g Blanched almonds chopped
75g Self raising flour
175g plain flour
1 1/2 tsp mixed spice
1 Christmas CD or film of your choice!!

This cake is done in two stages and will take 3 days to do. 

Stage 1: Start off by putting the raisins, cherries, currants, sultanas, orange zest and brandy in a large bowl. Mix together, cover and leave for 3 days. Remember to stir this at least once a day. 

Stage 2: You will need all the other ingredients.

1. Take your Christmas CD or film and press play! Then start by mixing together the butter, sugar and eggs in a large bowl. Make sure you use a really big bowl as you will need to add in the fruit at the end!

2. Next add in the black treacle, almonds, flours and spices and mix in well.

3. Then comes the exciting bit, take the fruit you have been soaking and slow add this to the mixture.

4. When all of the fruit has been added to the mixture. Grab your greased and lined cake tin and start to empty the mixture into the tin.

5. Then pop your cake into a preheated oven ( 140C/Fan 120C/Gas Mark 1) for 4-41/2 hours. Please please please be careful when you put the cake in the oven as the cake is so unbelievably heavy!! 

Mary advises that you check on your cake after 2 hours which is what I did and I actually found that the top of the cake was starting to catch slightly so I popped a tin foil hat on it!!

Once it is done take it out of the oven and let it cool.

You will need to 'feed' your cake every now and then . This is where you get a cocktail stick and put holes into the top of the cake, it sounds a lot scarier than it is, and pour sherry or brandy over it. This will keep the cake moist! Mary also advises to keep the grease proof paper on the bottom of the cake as this too will keep it moist. (I've said moist a lot now!) Store the cake away in a cake tin and keep it safe until you are ready to decorate just before Christmas.

Store the cake away in a cake tin and keep it safe until you are ready to decorate just before Christmas.
What recipe do you use for your Christmas Cake? 


  1. Wow that is a monster of a cake, I usually make a cake at Christmas but I am away this year so don't think I will bother but I do love a good bit of Christmas cake :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

    1. My mum always makes one then we have it at Easter! haha


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