Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas Wish List 2014

1. Zara Coat £159 - This coat was actually in my Autumn wish list and I am still so in love with it. The colour and the buckle detail is so pretty and with the fur hood it all ties in so well. This is a proper winter coat!

2. Jo Malone Indulge the Senses £172 - I couldn't not include something from Jo Malone. Just look at it, so pretty. Although the sets they do are a little on the pricey side they would make a perfect gift for any girl to make her feel very special.

3. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer £28 - I received a sample of this in a previous Glossybox and absolutely fell in love with it. I can't even put into words how amazing this product is. To read more about my thoughts check out this post.

4. Prada Handbag £Too Expensive!! - If you saw my blog post a few weeks ago you will have seen Dan surprised me with a new bag as mine was....well...falling to bits, and ever since it's made me realise that I should take more care with my bags, and maybe even invest in some other bags to use once in a while. So of course if I had to I suppose I wouldn't mind having this Prada bag.....if I had to obviously!

5. Marc Jacobs Honey Eau De Parfum £49.50 - My absolute favorite perfume has been discontinued so I'm having to try others and this one is right at the top of my list to get. It smells amazing....but then I think all Marc Jacobs perfumes do!

6. A laptop - I've been desperate to get a new laptop since my old one died about a year or so ago. It's such a pain sharing the computer with Dan as it's his work computer so I always feel like I'm taking up storage or getting in the way. I'd just love to have my own laptop that I could keep all my photos on and be able to sit and blog on when I wanted.

7. Rochelle for Very Sheer Sleeve Pencil Dress £59 - I absolutely love Rochelle's line for Very. There are so many stunning pieces including this pencil dress which would be perfect for me for work.

8. Dunelm - Dan and I still have so many things to buy for the house (including curtains) so it would be great to get some vouchers this year so we can buy those last few bits to turn our house into a home!

9. Ciate Velvet Manicure Clue Suede £10.50 - I really hope these turn out the way they do in the photo as the colour is absolutely stunning. I've always been a massive fan of dark blue, so much so that when I was training as a hairdresser the salon I worked out turned my this exact colour.

10. KitckenAid £379 - £429.95 - Lastly we all know I love to bake and it would be an absolute dream come true to own my very own KitchenAid. However at £379 this may have to just be a dream until I get that winning lottery ticket!!

What's on your wish list this year?



  1. So many amazing things here! I got my laptop a few weeks ago as an early Christmas present so I'm not expecting much on the day, haha :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. I am desperate for a Kitchenaid, but they are so expensive! I've asked for a cheaper version so hoping it will be just as good :)

    p.s just found your blog (through twitter) and I love it! x


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