Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Lower Lodge Candles

You all know I am obsessed with candles, so I just had to share with you a little haul from my favorite candle shop. The gorgeous Lower Lodge Candles is just down the road from us which is good for me but bad for my bank balance. The ladies that work in the shop are so friendly and helpful, I could honestly spend all day in there smelling candles and having a chat!!

Dan, Lauren and I popped in there a few weeks ago to have a bit of a mooch around and I ended up coming home with all this...oops. 

This was actually something Dan picked up to put out in our lounge at Christmas. It's so simple but so festive. This will look gorgeous sat in our window with a candle inside.

These super cute tea light holders are to go in our bedroom, I'm trying to go for a silver and black theme as our bedroom furniture is black and our bedding is white. We're still undecided so we'll wait till the new year to decorate but either way these will find a home somewhere.

Next up is this stunning wooden beam tea light holder. Dan and I thought about this a lot and after about 20 minutes of 'thinking about it' we decided that it was perfect for our lounge. This looks so lovely in the evenings with the twinkling candles.

Then lastly I picked up a few of my favorite scents in the large candles. Lavender, fig and vanilla and a grapefruit........that's right you are reading correctly just £10 for that middle candle. A large 3 wick candle for just £10. Now can you see why it's my favorite place.

Keep your eyes peeled for another post on Lower Lodge's Candlelit Evening that I attended and picked up....well quite a few things!!!!


  1. I wish I had a candle shop near to me, although I think I'd be in the same boat and spend far too much money there! Love the wooden beam though, it would go amazing in my bedroom... temptations already!

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

  2. Those tea light holders are gorgeous! I love candles!

    Dee | PromptsbyDee


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