Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Things I loved in October

As you all know I'm a complete Diet Coke addict, I've tried everything to give it up and although I haven't cut it out completely I have dramatically decreased the amount I am drinking. I will now only ever have either one can or one small bottle a day if any! Dan popped out the other day to grab us a sandwich as we were so rushed at work we had to have a quick lunch, when he returned he was so excited to show me that Coca Cola are now selling Christmas bottles of Coke. Seeing these on the shelf makes me so excited for Christmas! That's right I said it CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS. I can now officially say it seeing as it's next month!!! 

Last month I got completely and utterly addicted to The Orginials on Netflix! I started off watching The Vampire Diaries then Lauren told me to start watching the spin off show and after one episode I was hooked. I cannot wait for the new Season to come out now!! I'm a sucker for a good TV series so if there are any you can suggest on Netflix then let me know.

There isn't a single person that I haven't told how much I love this ice cream. Mint chocolate is my absolutely fav so the fact Ben and Jerrys have brought one out excited me beyond belief. I really hope this isn't a seasonal one that they will take off the shelves after Xmas. To see more about it check out this post.

Last month Dan surprised me with a brand new handbag as mine was falling to bits! He got me this gorgeous bag from River Island and I'm absolutely in love with it. I've tried so hard to keep it tidy inside but we all know no matter how hard we try our bags become a magnetic for junk.

Every year in October I start to get ready for Christmas, as crazy as at sounds there are so many things that need to be made so that they can 'mature' for a few months. We've been busy making pickled onions, Christmas cakes and chutneys! The house has smelt...well interesting but it will be so worth it come December. If you want to make your own Christmas cake this year then check out my post on my fav Christmas Cake recipe.


  1. I'm the same when it comes to Dr.Pepper! Sometimes we have to do bad stuff I suppose haha! Hope you're well hun :) x x x

    1. Hello my lovely. I haven't had Dr Pepper in years!! I'm good thanks, getting far too excited for Christmas now haha! Hope you are well. xXx

  2. I love October! It's definitely up there in my favourite months because it means I can finally start getting excited for xmas! xx

    1. I know, it's officially OK now to talk about is only 43 days away!!!

  3. I featured a limited edition B&J on my blog recently. It's called Satisfy My Bowl and it's so amazing, I'm praying they keep it in the supermarket!!
    Cx / Bloglovin


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