Monday, 12 January 2015

Gifts from Portland!

My beautiful friend Tarah sent me a very exciting parcel in the post this month all the way from Portland! Tarah and I met on Instagram when I was looking for someone to do a 'Food Swap' with as Dan and I were really interested in trying foods from different countries and thought this would be a fun way of doing it. Ever since our first swap we have stayed in contact and I now count her as a very good friend!!

How is it that someone I have never met, knows me so well. She always manages to send me things that I absolutely love. 

On the left are these delicious Beer Berries covered in dark god these taste amazing. I have had them by my bed as an evening treat whilst watching Pretty Little Liars and they have gone down very well. Plus the great thing is they taste a little bit of coffee chocolate so Dan isn't a fan which means I don't have to share!!!!! On the right is the lovely sounding loose tea which I am so excited to try, I will be taking this into the office for my tea time cuppa.

I could have cried when I saw these in the box. Tarah actually got me one of these in my last box and unfortunately Dave the dog took a shine to it and one day took it out of my handbag and munched through the whole thing. When I saw that there were actually two of these in the box I just lost it! I would go as far as saying these are the best lip balms I have ever used. It's made from Bees wax, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic olive oil and organic peppermint oil.  If you are from Portland and haven't tried this then you must!

Next up is this pot of Marionberry Jam, Huckleberry Lemonade and Hazelnut coffee lolly pop. I cannot wait to try all of these. Dan and I will probably fight over the jam as we both love jam on toast!

The next thing we found in the box was this scarf for Dan, now he is a huge football (soccer) fan and was made up when he saw this. He's already been googling Portland Timbers and youtubing some of their games and also of their Mascot TimberJoe who cuts a large log with a chainsaw everytime they score a goal. There was also this bacon floss which cracked us both up!

Then there are these really exciting Wild Friends packets. I cannot wait to try these. They say on the back that they are perfect for walkers so we're going to put them to the test and take them out with us on our next walk with the pup. Obviously we are going to have to try each others as they sound amazing. 

Tarah also gave me this stunning Necklace of the Portland Bridge which I will forever treasure!

Lastly, on Tarah's note she said to take this and send her a video of me annoying Dan with it.....she knows me so so well. I spend my life winding Dan up and joking around with him. I'm sure I will put this to good use. Most probably when I'm being made to watch yet another football game or Match of the Day. In the words of Liam Neeson....'Dan I will look for you, I will find you, and I will annoy you.'

A huge thank you to my friend from across the pond for all these lovely thoughful gifts we will use/eat every single one of them. Love you sweetie! xx

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  1. Oh wow, a food swap is such a wonderful idea! What a lovely parcel to come home to. This is such a lovely selection - I love all the little bits in amongst the food. Bacon dental floss though?! I can't even imagine what flossing your teeth with that would be like! You'll have to let us know if it's gross or nice, haha!



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