Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Glossybox January 2015

First of all apologies for the lateness of this post. It's been the busiest start to the New Year. We've busy planning our holiday in just under two weeks so I've been getting the house ready for Lauren to come and house/puppy sit whilst we are away. Anyway back to Glossybox, I was really tempted to cancel my Glossybox after the Christmas box as I was so disappointed with it. For a Christmas box there was no festive cheer in that box!! But to be honest I completely forgot and only remembered when this landed on my desk at work.

Kueshi Natural & Pleasant Cosmetics Revitalizing Face Toner 10.70 for 200ml www.kueshi.com: I've really got into using toners recently. I am currently using a sample bottle of the Liz Earle toner that I want to save for holiday as it's the perfect travel size. So I'll be really interested to see how this toner compares.

Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm Superfruits 5 www.nakedlips.eu: You all know I have a huge addiciton to lip balms, it's true, I can't get enough of them. I have them lying around everywhere. On my desk at work, in the kitchen, my my bed, one in every bathroom.....see told you, ADDICTED!! This is 100% natural which is a big bonus so I'll be adding this to my collection.

Nicka K New York Colorluxe Powder Blush 8.95 for 5g www.nicka.com: Blusher has been my best friend over the past 2 years, I haven't been on holiday so at present I'm so white I'm basically see through, the only thing that's got my through my pale phase is the Mac Sharon Osbourne Peaches and Cream has become one of my all time favorite blushers. The colour of this blusher is gorgeous and whilst I'm not a massive fan of the packaging, I much prefer using a brush to apply, this will definitely make it's way into my blusher draw.

Jelly Pong Pong All Over Glow £10 for 15g www.jellypongpong.com: I am so excited to use this product. I normally use a highlighter in a powder form so I'll be really interested to see how this gel works.

 MeMeMe Eye Line Pencil in the colour Clay £4 www.mememecosmetics.com: I've never really been into wearing brown eyeliners but from what the card says this long lasting extra soft liner sounds like a great one to try!

Overall I'm really impressed with this months box, all the products are things I will definitely try which is good. I'm going to give Glossybox a few more months and to see if I want to keep my subscription going.

Photos taken by my gorgeous better half! - www.panonsphotography.com


  1. This looks like such a lovely box, definitely want to give this one a go!


    1. I am so impressed with this months box. I've already used all the products and so far there is only one I'm not so sure about. The Jelly Pong Pong all over glow is a little bit too shimmery for my liking but I'm sticking with it and seeing how I feel by the end of the day. The toner is brilliant!! Thanks for your comment! xx

  2. This looks like a great box. I'm so tempted to sign up but I've heard so many mixed reviews.

    Ami xxx


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