Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My Birthday Wish List!

So it's my birthday on Monday and for the 5th year running I'll be 21 again!!! In all seriousness this year I will officially be closer to 30 than 20, which quite frankly scares the poop out of me. I don't want to get older, I liked 25 I'm happy to stay at that age. 

1. Bella Butterfly Skater Dress £20 BooHoo: I absolutely love this dress from Boohoo. I used to shop on Boohoo all the time but about 4 years ago I found the quality had slipped a bit and to be honest there was never really anything on there that I fancied so I stopped shopping there until a few months ago when Lauren told me to have another look as there were so many lovely items on their website. We're off on holiday next week so this dress would be great to wear around Hong Kong and at just £20 I think this is a complete bargain!

2. Classic Cardy Ugg Boots £110 Ugg: I basically live in Ugg boots always have, always will! No matter what the season I will have my uggs on. My first ever pair of Ugg boots were these grey cardy ones and I loved them until I eventually wore them out. I would love to get another pair of these as they were SO comfy.

3. Canon 600D: I was so lucky to get a laptop for Christmas so I feel a little bit of a spoilt brat for even thinking of lusting after a camera but I would love to get a nice camera to be able to take photos of my own. I rely on my iPhone to take photos and even though the camera is great I'd love to have a stand alone camera that I can use for my blogging, holiday photos and (of course if you follow me on instagram) taking photos of Dave....he's so photogenic!!!

4. Junior Mints £14.44 Amazon: I found these sweets in the 'World Food' aisle at Tesco's and have been addicted to them ever since!

5. Original Wayfarer Classic Black £125 Rayban: I'm a sucker for buying cheap sunglasses some of which have absolutely no UV protection. I think the last pair of proper UV protection sunglasses I had were given to me by my Dad about 10+ years ago.

6. Arrow Pendant £125 Tiffany: This necklace is just stunning. Dan gave me a Viviene Westwood necklace about 4 years ago which was really pretty but after about 6 months it started to tarnish! Ever since I haven't replaced it so this would be a lovely replacement. Although with the price tag I think this maybe wishful thinking!

7. Cashmere Matte Collection £7.99 each Boots: You all know I love nail polishes and shockingly I don't own any Essie nail polishes...I know scandalous!!

8. Laura Mercier Creme BrulĂ©e Honey Bath £32 Selfridges & 9. Lush Bath Bombs!: I have been obsessed with baths ever since we moved into our new house. So either of these would be amazing to receive on my birthday.

10. Indoor Allotment £16.74 Amazon: How cute is this mini indoor allotment. One day I would love to have my own allotment so for now this would be great to grow my herbs in for the kitchen.


  1. The butterfly dress is beautiful! I love the sound of the Laura Mercier bath stuff as well :) have a fab birthday Aimee!!

    Jess xo

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it and at such a good price. I love the bright colours of the butterflies. Thanks Jess!! xx


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