Thursday, 22 January 2015

When Bertie came to stay!

Back in November we had the lovely Bertie come and stay with us for a week whilst Dan's Mum was away on holiday. I had the week off work to look after him and took full advantage of the time off to get the last few boxes out the house (with that said please excuse the chaos in the background of the photos!) 

Three things you need to know about Bertie:

1. He loves tennis balls.

2. He loves to snuggle up and have a nap whilst we watched Jeremy Kyle. Yes I watch Jeremy Kyle...who doesn't on their days off?!

 3. He's not a fan of dogs on the telly! Yes, yet again I was watching trashy TV, Teen Mom to be exact, and this happened.....

 Here are a few more photos of Bertie's stay with us.
Checking out Dave's toys basket.....finding all the tennis balls.
Someone found the treat jar!
Rocky decided to keep his distance and watch from the stairs.....needless to say they didn't get on!
This photo has me in hysterics. One evening Rocky decided to test the waters and come downstairs. They sat like this for about 3 minutes just staring at each other!! 
Just chillin'
Out for an evening stroll
Picking up Dan and Dave from work to go for a walk at the park!
Just look at that face!


  1. AWWW HE'S adorable! I love dogs (and have my own)!

    1. He's a cutie isn't he. What dog do you have? I've turned into the biggest dog lady. I swear I watch one episode of Paul O'Grady and I want to run down to Battersea and take home every dog they have! xx


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