Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Would you tell a friend they're fat?!

Last week a certain 'weight loss expert' decided to declare January 7th a day to 'Tell a Friend They're Fat.' I'm not going to name him as I don't want to give him anymore spotlight as he is currently getting, but what the hell is he thinking?! Why start of the New Year with such negativity and unkindness. We live in a world where there is this almighty pressure for everyone to look and be a certain way. We have to conform to a certain size or else we are ridiculed and labelled fat or overweight. I look back to when I was 18, I was a healthy size 12 and 10 and a half stone yet I would constantly put myself down as I wasn't as skinny as the girls on the front of the magazines. I would compare myself to my friends and family. I even joined a weightloss group. When I see photos of myself back then I love how I look and if I lost anymore weight I would look gaunt. Now at 25 I've put on a lot of weight and yes, if I put my measurements in the BMI calculator it would come up overweight but I don't need any of my friends or family to tell me this on a certain day of the year. I have a mirror, I know my size 12 jeans don't fit anymore......I'm not living in denial!!!

The lovely people at Slink Magazine decided to change 'Tell a Friend They're Fat Day' into 'Tell a Friend They're FAB Day!' Which I much prefer :)

So with that in mind and although it's not the 7th January....YOU ARE ALL FAB!! Every single one of you reading this. Don't feel like you have to fit into a certain size to be 'normal' as long as you are happy in yourself embrace that.

Would you tell a Friend They're Fat? 


  1. It depends on the friend I think. If youre concern and think it might help maybe. I will however tell a friend she's fab everyday :)


  2. It proposes an interesting question! Like you said, a lot of people would be really hurt by this but at the same time, I would probably want someone to tell me!

    I had a friend in highschool who smelt but no one in our friendship group really had the guts to say anything about it so we just ignored it. But when she got a job she got taken aside by management staff and told that customers had complained about her body odour. She was absolutely gutted so in that situation it probably would have been better if it had came from one of us.

    Its hard to make decisions like that, sometimes its the worst thing to do but at the same time it could also really help someone.

  3. Great Post! I would never tell a friend that. being overweight I would be devastated is a friend said that to me! Happy belated FAB day Aimee xx

  4. We also wrote a post about this on Facebook. It really does depend... http://buff.ly/1y9ewaV

  5. I totally think you shouldnt go around hurting people by telling them they fat. Great post!!!

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog
    @MeghanSSilva on Instagram

  6. I think the phrase "tell a friend they're fat" is just a good way to catch lots of people's attention and get people talking. I don't think the point is to literally say "you're fat" to a friend who may or may not be overweight. It's a tricky argument - while people shouldn't be bullied or made to feel bad about themselves for being overweight, the fact is that there are a lot of complications from being overweight (and equally, to being underweight). And obviously there are other factors including cardiovascular fitness, smoking, diet etc. However I think there probably are lots of people out there who are in denial about being overweight and a close friend may be in a better position to point it out and offer some support than say a stranger, a doctor or a work colleague. So it's not a case of every single person out there picking a friend and saying "you're fat", it's more that if you do have a friend whose weight is unhealthy and they've not really realised, then this is an opportunity to be a good friend .
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog


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