Thursday, 26 February 2015


So you can pretty much guess from the title of this blog post that Dan and I are happy to announce we're engaged.....still feels so weird to say that!!! As you know we were lucky enough to go away this year to see Dan's family in Hong Kong and whilst we were there we decided to go onto the Philippines and revisit Boracay, which is actually the first place Dan and I ever went away together to! We absolutely love it there, it really is paradise.

We were there for 5 days and on the 3rd day Dan and I went out to watch the beautiful sunset on the worlds best beach and to my surprise Dan 'popped the question.' I'm not going to share too much but all I will say is it really was perfect!

Engagement dinner on the beach - Photo by Panons Photography instagram
Dan proposed with what he called a dummy ring (which was still gorgeous) as he didn't know my ring size and knew I would find out if he had asked. He had spotted a ring back home that he liked but wanted to have a look for something special in Hong Kong. The day after we got back we had the most wonderful day with Dan's family. We went for a celebratory lunch then Dan took me off to some of the nicest jewelers to find the perfect ring and here it is......

I am so in love with it. I keep catching it out the corner of my eye and let out a girly squeal!! Not only have I got a wonderful story to tell of how we got engaged but now we have the story of picking out the ring in a place that is also so special to us.

I feel like the luckiest girl alive at the moment, thank you Dan xxx

Let the wedding planning begin!!!


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Rocky's New Beach Condo

Dan and I weren't the only ones to get a new home last year, Rocky the cat purchased this very posh 'Beach Condo' (as Dan likes to call it) to go in the garden. We have been desperate to get something for Rocky to have in the garden as he loves being outdoors during the day, unless it's raining. So we looked at rabbit hutches that we could convert with a cat flat that would give him some shelter if we were out during the day and it got cold and wet, this would be somewhere he could go to. 
It worked out that I was off work on Black Friday so I took full advantage of the sale and found this amazing cabin...sorry 'Beach Condo', for Rocky to have. It is usually £70.79 but we got it for just £34.99. 

We had such a giggle putting in together as it felt like one of those Barbie houses you got when you were young. He's got his own room at the bottom, then stairs on the side leading to his own personal verander. Oh what a life this cat leads!!!

Dave's not keen on the new addition to the household but Rocky absolutely loves it!

Not sure what face Rocky is pulling here but it's verging on slightly evil!
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