Friday, 10 April 2015

Things I loved in March

Well there went March, can you believe we are already in April! I say this every month but this year really is flying by so quickly. It's time for the things I loved in March and of course I have to kick it off with the best date of March, the 18th which is Dave's birthday. I cannot believe he is already 5!! You may or may not know this but we are lucky enough to be able to bring Dave to work with us everyday, he is nicknamed 'Office Dog' and is even on our 'Our People' page on our company website. So as this poor little chap had to come into the office on his birthday I made him a doggy friendly birthday cake which he gobbled up in minutes. There's a funny story behind this photo. We put this onto our company Twitter page and the photo ended up in one of the most popular worldwide Insurance Magazines.....we've always tried so hard to get into that magazine and after all these years the thing that gets us in there is a picture of 'Office Dog' on his birthday!!!

Next up is bath bombs. I actually got these for my birthday from Dan but we went away on holiday so close to my birthday I didn't have time to use them. I'm not going to go into the details but setting a date for a wedding was really hard and stressing me out and giving me really bad migraines which I have never had before. So baths were definitely a popular choice in March!!

This may seem like a weird one but I've been loving this razor from Wilkinson Sword that I received in my Glossybox. I've always been so lazy when it comes to buying razors and gone for the cheap disposable ones which tend to irritate my skin. So this Wilkinson Sword has been fantastic. I will definitely repurchase this when I need a new one!!

You will have seen if you follow my blog that the wedding diet has begun. I took my fat bum to Slimming World 3 weeks ago and the results have been amazing. I have never eaten so much on a diet but at the same time lost so much weight. I'm really enjoying it and it's given me such a boost to finally lose the weight I want to.

Last but not least is Wedding Planning. Now we have set a date the Wedding Planning is really taking pace. We have so much to do and I'm slightly concerned that people we know who are getting married after us are so much more organised than we are! Pintrest has become my best friend and I am compleletly obsessed with it. At present there have been no signs of Bridezilla.....but you never know when she could rear her ugly head!!!



  1. That is so cute that you made Dave a birthday cake and that picture is adorable :)

    I too have just joined slimming world..good luck :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

    1. He is a funny dog. You can see by his eyes he just wanted to tuck into it! How are you finding Slimming World? xx

  2. Oh try and embrace the planning otherwise you can make yourself quite ill! It should be exciting! Well done on weight loss great news you're enjoying the plan too. Love the bday cake for your little dig he's a cutie x

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. We're definitely enjoying it now. Venue and church are booked so we can relax a bit :) xx

  3. I love the story of Dave making it into the insurance magazine after years of the company trying - that's so funny! Dave is a serious cutie - and I'm mega jealous that you're allowed to take your dog into work every day!

    Good luck with the wedding planning. It must be such a stressful process but as long as you remember to take time off to relax every now and again and remember to enjoy the planning as much as possible.


    p.s. I thought I already followed you on Bloglovin but apparently not?! Fixed now!

    1. Thanks Charlene. Ridiculous isn't it, after years of trying the thing that gets us in is a picture of a dog with a cake!! He's spoilt rotten here at the office, lots of people to give him treats and LOTS of belly rubs. xx


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