Sunday, 17 May 2015

Make your own 'Will You Be my Bridesmaid/Maid of Honour'

Now that I have handed out all my boxes and asked my bridesmaids I can finally share this blog post with you all! I've always known who I would have as my bridesmaids and as I have known nearly every single one of them most of my life I really wanted to make the way I asked them special so I searched and searched for gifts, cards and fun ways of popping the question but I just couldn't find anything. So I decided to make something myself and this was the result!

This is what I decided to put in them:

Hanger - The picture above is the box I actually gave to my sister on National Siblings day back in April. Lauren's was slightly different to the bridesmaid boxes as I included this stunning hanger I had made by the lovely BronwenWedding Belle Boutique Bridal Hangers that said Maid of Honour! Bronwen really has an eye of details and even incorporate our colour scheme of teal by adding the teal bow on top. Everything else that is shown in the box were also sent to the bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid DVD - Of course this had to go in! This is not only very appropriate for the theme of the box but this is also one of my all time favourite films ever. You can get this DVD from lots of places like Amazon or ebay.

Cards - I found the most gorgeous cards made my a lovely lady called Jasmin from Sioux Alice on etsy. Her cards are simply stunning and is now my new port of call to grab a card for every birthday and celebration!

Photo Frame - I included an old photo of me and each of my bridesmaids as a little personal touch to show them all how far we have come! This rather embarrassing photo is of me and Lauren when we were both really young on holiday in France.

Nail Varnish - I found this Barry M nail varnish that is very similar to the colour we are having for our wedding so I thought this would be a great thing to include in the box to give the bridesmaids an insight into the colour of their dresses for the big day!

Love Hearts - Last but by no means least...Love Hearts...a little sweet treat to add that little bit more love to the boxes.

I was so pleased with the boxes and the way they turned out. A huge thank you to Bronwen from Wedding Belle Boutique Bridal Hangers and Jasmin from Sioux Alice for getting the cards and hangers over to me so quickly. Asking my sister to be my maid of honour on National Siblings day will definitely be a day I won't forget.

I hope you have enjoyed my first Wedding DIY. If you have and you would like to see more of these just drop me a comment in the box below.

All photos taken by my lovely and very talented other half Panons Photography!


  1. Oh my gosh this is such a fabulous idea! I would totally cry if I received one of these from a friend and will definitely keep it in mind for when my day finally comes :)

    Shannon xx |

  2. Aimee, this is such a gorgeous idea! I love it, so personal and meaningful :) I probably won't be getting married for years - if anyone will even want to marry me ;) - but I will definitely bare this in mind. xxx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. What a great idea! This is really lovely - I especially like the idea of giving an old photo of yourself and the friend!


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