Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Slimming Solutions Teatox Review

I don't know about you but I've been seeing a lot of celebrities raving about herbal teas that claim to 'detox your body' or 'help with weightloss' and I've been desperate to give them a go to see if they were worth the hype. So to my delight I was contacted about three weeks ago to try Slimming Solutions' Teatox that claimed to 'help detox, cleanse the body and banish the bloat!' As you know I am currently on a wedding diet to try and get myself in shape for the big day, so this tea came at the perfect time for me.

As soon as the two week trial pack came through the post I popped the kettle on and got straight into it. There are two different tea bags that you receive in your pack, one is to have every morning and the other is to have every other day in the evening about 30 minutes after your last meal.

Let's start with the daytime tea
Daytime teabag ingredients: Chinese Oolong tea (38%), Sabering Ginseng (20%), Fennel (10%), Lemongrass (10%), Nettle Leaves (8%), Ginger Root (5%), Dandelion Leaf (5%), Ginseng Root (2%), Salvia Miltiorrhiza (2%).

I really enjoyed the daytime tea and in a weird way it felt like it set me up for the day in a really positive way. You need to have the daytime ones pretty much as soon as you get up which actually woke me up a bit in the morning!! As instructed on the packet you need to leave the bag in for atleast 2-3 minutes but I tended to leave the tea bags in so that I could let it stew.

Evening tea
Evening teabag ingredients: Senna Leaves (20%), Hawthorn Leaves (20%), Lotus Leaves (14%), Fengugreek Seeds (12%), Burdock Root (14%), Peppermint (8%), Psyllium Seeds (8%), Valerian Root (2%), Liquorice Root (2%).

As I said you need to have the evening tea every other day 30 minutes after your last meal which really helped me stop picking at food during the evenings!! Now if I'm honest the smell of the evening tea was a little unpleasant but tasted absolutely fine. Just bear in mind that the evening tea can work as a laxative for the first few days.

Onto the results!
Now for the important thing....did it work?! It really did. After the two weeks I felt so much better in myself. I wasn't as bloated as I normally am, my energy levels had improved and also something I didn't expect was my skin was soooo much better! Now you all know if you have read my previous posts that I am on Slimming World but during the two weeks I had the Teatox I lost 4 and a half pounds which I was so pleased with. I've been so impressed with Teatox that I actually ordered two more months worth!!

The great news is Slimming Solutions are currently running a May offer for Buy One Get One Free so if this is something you think you'd like to try go and check out their website here for more information.

Although I was sent this Teatox trial to try I was not paid for this post and all the views I have expressed are my own.

All photos taken by my lovely and very talented other half Panons Photography!

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  1. I think I'll give this a go on the lead up to my travels, especially with all this training :) it's great to have a detox once in a while x


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