Thursday, 20 August 2015

Dave's August Pawsome Box Review

Last month Dan and I decided to sign up to a monthly subscription box, but this wasn't just any old subscription box this was a box for Dave! He's been so well behaved over the past few months so we thought we would treat him to a Pawsome Box which he has absolutely been loving. You get some really great products and lots of lovely treats for your four legged friends to try. Last month there wasn't one product that Dave didn't try and love so we thought we would roll on the subscription and make it a monthly treat for him. These are all the goodies Dave got this month.

Two extremely cute toys that Dave has already fallen in love with. No matter how much Dan tries Dave wont play with tennis balls or footballs but he loves cuddly toys that he can play fetch with and cuddle up to. 

Now onto Dave's favourite things to get....the food....he got two bags of treats this month which he has obviously for review purposes had to try and test. Results show that he loves them both!! The chicken stripes on the right are definitely his fav though.

We also received this really good eye and ear cleaner which I cannot wait to use on him. There's a booklet that comes with the box that tells you how to use it so we'll be trying that out tomorrow during bath time! Dave also got a information capsule which you attach to your pets collars which is a brilliant idea and we would definitely use, however Dave is actually chipped so it's not something we really need.

Dave loves receiving these boxes, they're delivered to the office and as soon as he sees the blue box he goes absolutely mad. We're already looking forward to seeing what he gets next month. Each box is £19.90 but the look on Dave's face when he sees it is priceless!



  1. This is so adorable! Pets are part of the family so I definitely think they should be spoiled too. That Garfield toy is strangely cute - would it be weird to put a dog toy on a shelf for purely ornamental value?! Happy to hear Dave loves them!


  2. Brilliant! We've just started with a Pawesome subscription and you do get a lot in there for your pennies! Mine loved this one too although there were some sibling squabbles over Garfield! And the squishy one lost a leg at some point!
    M x


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