Tuesday, 1 September 2015

My New Andrew James UK 5.2 Litre Food Mixer!

Last month Dan and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary, which will also be our last as boyfriend and girlfriend as we'll be Mr and Mrs soon (insert excited emoji face.) Dan spoilt me rotten and not only did he get me these stunning flowers from my absolute favourite florist but he also surprised me with this beautiful food mixer from Andrew James. The colour 'Light Blue' is just the colour I wanted and although this isn't the KitchenAid I have been lusting over for the past few years this is just as good if not better and will only cost you £69.99 which is a complete bargain for a food mixer of this standard.

It didn't take me long to get my pinny on and get baking. This works like an absolute dream and has made baking so much easier, Dan now struggles to get me out of the kitchen! Although I am yet to try out the dough hook all the other attachments work brilliantly and mix really well. Cleaning the bowl and attachments is also easy, you simply twist both to unlock and wash them up. The bowl itself is dishwasher safe however the attachments are not. There are several speeds which are easy to operate and as far as noise levels go the noise isn't at all bad. As you go up in speed it does sound like it's going to take off as boy does it mix quickly! 

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such a thoughtful partner....although this present has worked in his favor as he is now 'forced' to eat all the delicious treats I create. It's Lauren and Dan's birthdays over the next few weeks so I can't wait to put this to good use. I can't recommend this mixer enough.

I was not asked to do this post by Andrew James and all views I have expressed in this review are my own. 
All photos taken by my lovely and very talented other half Panons Photography!

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  1. Great lightweight hand mixer for the price! Feels sturdy and the motor feels powerful. In fact, it has three speeds and the low speed feels much faster than my last hand mixer. Love that the blender sticks attach to the side of the blender body, making it much neater for storage. And will save time digging through drawers looking for the attachments next time!


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