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My five top tips for planning a wedding

I can't believe it's been nearly a year since Dan and I stood up in the church in front of all our family and friends and said I do, where has the time gone?! Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life but it can also be so overwhelming and there are also times when you want to pull your hair out when you are sat, surrounded by seating plans, lists of people you still haven't received RSVP's from and up to your eyes in emails that you need to respond to.

I wanted to share with you my five top tips!

Accept help from friends and family
The one thing we weren't really prepared for was how much friends and family wanted to help us out. We knew it before but our wedding proved it even more, we're surrounded by some incredibly talented people. Dan's lovely Auntie asked if she could make our stunning wedding cake, my 'uncle' printed all of our wedding stationary for us and of course my incredibly talented make up artist big sister brought in a whole team to sort me, the mums and bridesmaids out for the day. The inner control freak in me was a little hesitant to accept help but actually as time went on not only did it relieve stress it also made our day that little more special knowing everyone was helping to make it the wedding we had dreamed of. So when someone says 'Is there anything we can do to help?' say 'YES!' whether it's folding the order of service, picking up the bridesmaid dresses or even helping find local suppliers. Trust me, you'll thank them for it!

It goes without saying this is the most important thing about planning a wedding. Putting a budget in place is such a good starting point and will give you the best idea of things you can afford and things you need to look at coming up with cheaper alternatives for your bid day. I turned into the biggest geek when we started to plan the wedding, working in admin you can imagine my wedding spreadsheet was a thing of beauty! It was colour co-ordinated, tabbed, and auto populated every time we spent money......other spreadsheet lovers will appreciate my efforts here. The first thing Dan and I did was sit down and work out how we both envisaged our wedding and what we would like to do/have there on the day. We were then able to apportion our budget to the different items, for example as Dan was a photographer we knew this was something that was really important to us so we were able to put in a budget that we felt happy to pay.

Personal touches don't have to cost a fortune
The other thing to remember is that you can create some really brilliant finishing touches for little cost. One thing I'm really proud of is that our guests now tell us how personal our wedding was and that they could all walk in and know it was our wedding. Ebay is a fantastic place to pick up some personalised extras. Here are a few things we did that costs very little but made a our day that little bit more personal.
  • We had these gorgeous thank you tags that we asked our caterers to attach onto the forks of our wedding tables that said 'Thank you for sharing our first meal with us as Mr & Mrs Panons.' They cost around £15-£20 so a complete bargain for something that really added that little extra touch! 
  • The hangers the dresses were placed on were made by my mum for little cost. My Mum did a fantastic job by painting hangers white, carefully bending the wire to spell our each bridesmaids name and adding some teal ribbon and a sparkly heart to really give it that personal touch.
  • We went for Prosecco as a cheaper alternative for our welcoming drinks and then I put together a 'Pimp Your Prosecco' bar that our guests could use and a wheel barrow of beers for the guys, which went down a storm! We kept an eye out (especially around Christmas and New Years) for offers and deals on drink so we were able to really save some money on this.
  • The ushers, Dan and Dad's were all given as part of there 'thank you' bags football socks that related to their favourite football team. The guys absolutely loved them and were such a fun way of adding a bit of their personalities into the day.

  • Our table plan is something that to this day I'm really pleased with. When I first thought about our table plan I spent a lot of time on Pinterest (as all brides to be do) and I thought I wanted a huge floral framed piece, but after a meeting with our florist I realised that was a little out of our budget. The next thing I found was this gorgeous wooden pallet design that I instantly fell in love with. We picked up an old wooden pallet for free from a local business that was having a clear out. Then we placed lots of items and frames on this that shared lots of memories of our time together. Our lovely florist also added some flowers that really made it look apart of the whole room.

  • Cars were something that I was really shocked to see how expensive they were. Dan had his heart set on driving an old classic mini which we would drive his brothers to the church in and then drive the two of us to the reception once we were married. So I looked around for two cars to take me and my Dad and another for my bridesmaids to go in. The church was only 15 minutes down the road and I was quoted around £800-£1,000 for the two cars. I couldn't believe it! So me and my Dad came up with the idea of him driving me to the church. As soon as he said it I just knew that was what I wanted to do. Having spent years being my taxi service growing up he was then going to drive me to the church to begin the next chapter of my life. 

Make sure you plan in your timings right up until the big day
This is something I wish I had put more time into, not because I forgot anything to do with the actual wedding it was because I forgot to allocate time for myself in the run up. About 2 weeks before the wedding I looked at my diary and realised there was no time to plan in some time to go and have a bit of a pamper so I thought I'd just do it myself. Then about 4 days before the wedding (as the stress was starting to kick in) I realised I would never do this again so I wanted to take the time out to enjoy myself. I left it a little late but managed to book in for a manicure the day before. Unfortunately the day before our wedding turned out to be one of the worst experiences of my life, it involves me throwing my engagement ring out of a moving car 3 hours before the wedding rehearsal, obviously not on purpose, but I might save that story for another post!

Remember why you're doing it in the first place!
Lastly and most importantly, when things are getting stressful and your starting to bicker with your other half over little things like, your first dance or who sits where....just remember why your doing this in the first place. As wonderful as the actual day is the main thing is your getting married because you love each other. After Dan and I got married two of my best friends and also my brother and sister in law got married within about 3 weeks of each other and I remember telling them, at the end of your wedding evening when all the guests have gone and your finally spending some time together to reflect on the day, none of the things you were arguing about in the lead up to the wedding will matter. You'll just look back on your day as one of the most incredible days of your lives.

What would be your top tip for a bride to be? 


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